How do guys get ripped muscles

How do guys get ripped muscles

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Take a well-rounded approach to getting ripped with your diet, weight-lifting and a cardio component. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do these guys get so muscular, ripped and big??
If you will allow me, I would like to digress for a moment. Bodybuilding success can be summarized by three key factors: Hard Training Proper Nutrition (eating right, and the right supplements and for some that includes steroids, HGH etc) G…
Is it true that girls want to rub lotion on guys with ripped huge…?
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Do girls like skinny guys, well built and somewhat muscular guys,…?
I like muscular guys. But it’s not just the outside it’s the inside too. So if your buff and all but is dumb I would say no. My boyfriend now has a little muscle on him, and he’s intelligent, and caring so I’m happy.

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Is it true that girls want to rub lotion on guys with ripped huge muscles?
Q: I heard that girls just want to rub lotionon guys with ripped and huge muscles, is it true?
A: According to Arnold Swcarzenneger, they also give bodybuilders blowjobs right before they go out and flex. It would be awesome to be him in his prime.
do girls like ripped muscles on a guys body or big buff muscles?
Q: i got a fair body right now and i can chose to go with ripped or buff i dont know witch one to go with
A: to be honest! it depends on the girl!!! personally I dont like reeeally big muscles. But its nice to have a bit so the arms look strong and inviting hehehe! Decide what you like best, and what you’re happiest with 🙂
how can u get ripped muscles like the ones martial art guys have?
Q: i have been doing small weights for a yr now….but my muscles are not cut like the ones on martial art guys….theirs look really tight and all …..mine are ok but i have want to get better ones….now i am confused as i have been working out for 2 – 3 yrs doing pushups(20 right now ) and pull ups(7)…and crunches(60-90) and sit ups….etc…but i dont have abs nor do i have ripped muscles…my numbers are small but i am sure it wont take long to increase them but i dont know increase to watdo i have to increase the no of pushups and pullups or shud i increase weights or both….i dont know much bout the indian ‘diet’…the videos i have seen for getting abs only mention some western diets…..not related to indian food… weight currently is 65 kg(145 pounds) and height is 5ft 8″………..wat shud i do?
A: Low carb, high protien diets, lift lighter weights for more reps, lots of cardio excercises. Make sure your protien intake is high!

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