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Can you take a shower after getting a flu shot

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Yes, after receiving a flu shot, you should be able to resume normal day to day activities, including showering. Your arm may just be sore. ChaCha Rocks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-take-a-shower-after-getting-a-flu-shot ]
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Can you take a shower after getting a flu shot:
Yes, after receiving a flu shot, you should be able to resume normal day to day activities, including showering. Your arm may just be sore. ChaCha Rocks!
Can you take a shower after getting a flu shot: According to the recommendations of vaccinologists, after any vaccine it is not recommended to swim for 1-3 days (depending on tolerance). This means a long stay in the water. A quick shower is allowed on the first day. In fact, you can just take a shower, not overheating in a hot bath, without rubbing the injection site with a washcloth or towel, you can already in the first. It is important to monitor your well-being, and it is also recommended to carry out antiviral prophylaxis, just Viferon gel on the nasal mucosa. After vaccination, immunity may be slightly reduced temporarily and a person becomes more susceptible to ARVI, you need to protect yourself.  

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CAN you take a shower the same day after you get a H1N1 flu shot??
A: I don’t know why you couldn’t. I’ve never heard anyone be told not to shower after getting the shot. You should be fine.
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One thought on “Can you take a shower after getting a flu shot

  1. Can the flu shot on the shoulder get wet? In no case should you wet the site of the flu shot, as this can provoke some health problems. The reasons for the ban on bathing are as follows:

    An infection can enter the wound, which can lead to the formation of inflammation, which will require long-term treatment. The inflammatory process manifests itself in the form of a sudden onset of edema, pain, hyperemia, induration and itching at the injection site. As for the state of health, a person complains of general weakness, fever, deterioration in general condition. If any of these signs is found, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.
    It is forbidden to wash after influenza vaccination for some time, since a secondary inflammatory process may develop under the influence of temperature differences. This applies to steaming in the bathroom, followed by sudden hypothermia. Under the influence of heat, blood flow to the injection site is increased, which negatively affects the body in a similar situation. Do not forget that increased sweating contributes to the formation of inflammation.
    If a flu vaccination has been done in the shoulder, then it is strictly forbidden to rub the injection site with a washcloth if it becomes necessary to take a shower during the first day, since this is the most dangerous time. When a rough effect is exerted on the area where the injection was placed, the wound is injured, which will certainly soon become the cause of the development of inflammation.

    Also, experts recommend refusing to visit the cold pool, since this can lead to the development of colds or infection with other pathologies from other visitors, and this is undesirable.

    It is not necessary to follow a special diet after being vaccinated against influenza, although experts say that for a while you can stop eating foods that are irritants and can cause an allergic reaction.

    During the first day, it is recommended to exclude from the diet any kind of citrus fruits, nuts, processed cheese, vegetables and fruits out of season.

    When the vaccine is administered to adults, it is recommended not to drink alcohol for at least a week after immunization. Alcohol reduces the production of immune cells that protect the body from influenza, making it impossible for the body to fight the disease when needed.

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