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Did the swine flu kill the little boy

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The swine flu was the cause of death for a little boy who was visited Texas from Mexico. This is the only case of death in the US. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-the-swine-flu-kill-the-little-boy ]
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Did the swine flu kill the little boy
The swine flu was the cause of death for a little boy who was visited Texas from Mexico. This is the only case of death in the US.
How did swine flu kill a healthy boy?
The most remarkable thing about the death of Max Gomez was that it could happen at all. Going into the last weekend in August, the Antioch 5-year-old was an energetic, independent kindergartner excited to be starting elementary school. Less…

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im confuzzled about the swine flu?
Q: ok so todai in my history class, this dude in my class is all like “WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!! THE SWINE FLU IS GONNA KILL US ALL!” and im all like “no its not you buttwipe” then my teacher made a good point. she said that the people that are dying from the swine flu are dying b/c they dont have enough money to get medicated. since it started from a little farm (i think thats what she said) the boy who lived there died b/c he couldnt buy that one medication. she said there is no vaccine to prevent the swine flu but there is a cure to it. and isnt it true that a long time ago when we first had the chickon pox and measles people couldve died from it??? but now, the virus got more spreaded and as it did it got weakerso its not much of a big deal to have the chicken pox. so in my conclusion the world will NOT end b/c of the swine flu. now i just want to hear your guys’ opinions.
A: Here are some helpful facts about swine flu:http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/key_facts.htm
Why is everyone so afraid of the Swine Flu?
Q: Do you people realize that the regular run of the mill flu claims 36000 lives each year? This swine flu has claimed NO lives of american citizens.. that little boy god grant him peace was from MEXICO!!!! they don’t have the medical or technological capabilities as we do. Yes its here YES its a pandemic flu, will it kill you? most likely not. the last time a flu killed MIllions was the Spanish flu out break of 1918 after the boys came home from WW1 and it started wreaking havoc within WEEKS!!! PLEASE people look up RELIABLE sources before getting panicky. If you get the H1N1 you are mostly likely gonna be sick in bed! most patients in the US are HOME in bed eating moms chicken SOUP!!!!
A: You are completely rightThe media has blown Swine Flu completely out of proportionthe only people who are actually at risk of fatalities are those very old or very young, or those with very low immune systemsI don’t know about in the US, but in the UK people have ALREADY recovered from Swine FluI am with you 100% on this one!!
Swine Flu??? Please answer.?
Q: Ok, so we have all heard about Swine Flu. I am starting to freak out a little bit. (As most of us are!) So, my question is- how bad is it? I mean, is it worse than Cancer? Chicken Pox? Or, is it just a flu that we haven’t seen in a while? In the US- there has only been 1 death, and it was a little 23 month old boy from Mexico. I have heard that it kills people who are old, or very young- and this is because they have weakend immune systems. Is that true? And, if you get it, do you get a medicine, and thats it? I am wondering this because on the internet, I am not finding a lot of answers! So, have you found any articles that help? If so, which ones? And, really, is it all THAT bad? Any worse than the seasonal flu? Please help- and thanks!
A: Sweetheart, please calm down. This is simply another strain of the influenza virus. The regular flu kills 36,000 people in the United States alone each year. This flu so far has maybe 150 cases in the US… not a lot, really, by normal standards.People who have this virus treat it the same way they would any other flu bug: with rest, fluids, and anti-viral medications. If their symptoms get really bad, they go to the hospital. The difference between this one and the seasonal flu is that there is not yet a vaccine for it so nobody is immune. That’s all.
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