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Do cats carry the bird flu

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Some scientists say it may be possible for cats to become infected with bird flu if they are outdoors and hunt birds. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-cats-carry-the-bird-flu ]
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Do cats carry the bird flu
Some scientists say it may be possible for cats to become infected with bird flu if they are outdoors and hunt birds.
Do Cats Spread Bird Flu?
A cat in Germany has died from Bird flu in an area where turkeys and wild birds have been infected with the virus. Does this mean our cats are at risk from Bird (Avian) Flu . Can humans catch Bird flu from them? Should we be taking preca…
Can bird flu virus spread to my pet dog and cat?
There is no evidence that bird flu is a risk to dogs. Recently, there have been reports of a canine influenza virus in the U.S. but this is a different flu virus that affects only dogs. There is evidence from the Asian outbreak that the bir…

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What do you think about the brid flu? Will wild birds carry it? Are cats going to be carrires?
A: bird flu is a zoonotic disease;transmissible to humans. and birds are the carriers , for cats i still have to search for that….
so what should we do with roaming cats??
Q: cats carry numerous disease and parisites that effect humans..look at the new possiblity; bird flu..otters die from toxaplasma in u.s. waterways.and cats are threatening the future of ottters BUT we blame it on fisherman..remote camera’s showed roaming domestic cats effected the owl more then logging, because the owl adapted to the clear cutting..BUT the logger got more blame then the domestic cat..the list can go on and on…. so how are we going to deal with roaming cats before it effects humans at large scales???
A: 1) Catch and impound the cats2) Promote spaying and nuetering and subsidize it for poorer people3) Enforce existing leash laws
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