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What do you feed a two year old when they throw up every thing you feed them

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Common causes for toddlers vomiting are ear infections and stomach flu. Check with your physician. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-feed-a-two-year-old-when-they-throw-up-every-thing-you-feed-them ]
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What do you feed a two year old when they throw up every thing yo…?
Common causes for toddlers vomiting are ear infections and stomach flu. Check with your physician. Thanks for using ChaCha!

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I have a 2 year old and she won’t Sleep. Why? Please Help. I’m at my frustration limit!?
Q: Everyone out there who’s a parent Please help me!I have a 2 year old daughter. She was in a regular bed with me up until around 18 months. I know that was probably not good that I did that, but by 18 months I had gotten her into a regular toddler bed. She always disliked her crib and always felt too confined in it. When I put her in the toddler bed, I used the routine of for a week be by her bedside, then a week by the door, etc. It took a good month for her to actually get me out the door and not stay with her but it worked. Every night I would put her to bed and she was usually fine! She would rub the sheets at night, I guess as her own way of comforting herself and then she would be out like a light. It’s been 5 months now and it’s just getting worse and worse instead of better and I dont know what to do anymore at this point! My daughter is not really attached to anything, like a blanket or a toy,she never was. Just this past week she’s been having the Worst outbursts for her nap time and bed time. She kicks and screams. I make sure the I tell her before its bedtime so she knows but she still acts up. I read to have a consistent and persistant routine with them, and honestly my routine couldnt get any more consistent with her. I do the same thing at night before bed. This is the day: Wakes up at 8-8:30am,Breakfast at 9 (usually, shes not a breakfast toddler,never was), Lunch at 12-12:30, Nap from 1-3 (usually, sometimes its only 1-2),Snack at 3:30, Dinner at 6-6:30, Bath at 7:30, Her one TV show at 9, bed at 9:30pm which consists of me giving her a hug and kiss and saying goodnight and walking out of the room. Once I walk out thats when the nightmare begins lately. She will scream at the top of her lungs and throw everything off her bed, get out of her bed and walk over to the door and be completely silent until I walk back in. Once I walk back in, I put her down the first time and say its bedtime and give her a kiss, after the first time of doing that, I just put her back in without saying a single word to her. Once I lay her back down its back to the kicking and screaming, once I walk towards the door, shes up and ready to get out of the bed again. On some tries, she doesnt even let me get out the door before she gets out of the bed again. I must go in the room over 100 times within the 1/2 hour 45mins that it takes her to fall asleep. And Im not even exaggerating with that number. Im absolutely exhausted and soon my door is going to probably fall off the hinges from going in so many times. Im at my whits end. I honestly dont know what to do anymore. Its been 5 months and I just feel like she should be accustomed now to the roututine and just laying down and sleeping without a battle. It went from good to worse instead of the other way around. I read on the internet that if your consistent with them that within 2 weeks they’re fine. Well its been 5months and my daughter still is horrible at sleeping. Also shes an extremely Light sleeper in the middle of the night. The slightest sound wakes her up in a second. Honestly what do I do? I dont even feed her past 7pm so it has nothing to do with her having sugar before bed. I even tried for the past two nights to read to her before bed and shes still the same way. Please someone, anyone, help me as much as you can. Any advice is great because like Ive said Ive done basically everything people,drs,and internet has told me to do for the past 5 months and nothing is working. I dont want to go through this with her every night for the next 2 years. Please help me….Thank you so much!
A: Make a good night CD for her. Record yourself reading nursery rhymes and add some soothing music. Also, have her make a pillow for herself out of one of her shirts that she has outgrown. Just sew the sleeves and bottom together and let her stuff the top with you, and then close the top. At bedtime, put the CD on repeat (it will help her sleep through noise) and have her lay on her pillow. Let her pick a baby or stuffed animal to cuddle, and a special blanket. Maybe let her have her show earlier in the routine? The show may be too exciting for her. She could watch her show at a different time and then you could read to her from 9-9:30. BUT I must say that does not sound like enough sleep time. Perhaps she is too tired? Have you tried an 8:30 bedtime? Good luck!
I’m fat and I just want to curl up and die.?
Q: I have a crazy mom who has called me fat since I was six years old. She would feed my brother anything he wanted and practically starve me my whole life. When I was eleven my mom made me try on her pants and I didn’t fit in them so she yelled and me til I couldn’t stand it. She’s tortured me about my weight for as long as I can remember. My brother moved out so now her main focus is just on how fat I am. I once told her I was going to become anorexic and she was happy and told me to drink a lot of water. Me and my brother swear she’s bulimic but have no real proof. I just turned 17 yesterday and I’ve never weighed this much in my life. I am currently 5’7” and I weigh 154 pounds. We rarely have any food at my house besides lean pockets that have been in my freezer for two years, we always have apples, and cereal but I get in trouble if she finds out that I’m eating it. Most people, hearing my life story, would think that I should be skinny but I’m not. I never see food at home, so everytime I’m with my boyfriend we always go out to eat. My boyfriend is almost eighteen and he weighs 112 pounds. It’s hard to go anywhere with him because I know people stare. I see them talking about us. The fat girl with the skinny boyfriend. I love my boyfriend and I don’t think there is anything wrong with his body. I just get embarassed because he’s only a few inches bigger around than one of my thighs. I get depressed a lot and cry about my weight. I tried to go bulimic but it’s not really something someone does by choice it’s more of a disease. I’ve tried to become anorexic but that’s the same way. I’ve tried dieting and exercising believe me my mom has made sure I’ve done that. It’s just I’m so hungry that every chance I get I pig out! And it’s ebarassing because it’s usually around my boyfriend and he’ll make little comments and I know he thinks that’s how I eat all the time and it’s really embarassing. I know I’m not huge but I’m BIG. I used to be thin when I was little (even though my mom didn’t agree). And I used to wear a size two in fifth grade because I was taller than the kid sizes. Then I would go to my dad’s during the summer and sizth grade I went to a 4, then seventh 7, then eighth a 9, ninth a 9 then through the year I went to an 11, then my sophomore year I was an 11, then junior I went to a 9 and then gained weight and went to an 11, and now, at the start of my senior year I’m a 13. 13!!!! That’s horrible!! I never wanted to get inito double digits. All the girls at the high school are a 4 and a 5. I just want to die. I’m so sick of being here. I’ve been with my boyfriend 2 years and he won’t even talk to me about my weight anymore. I call him crying and he just chuckles and says you’re not fat. What’s wrong with you, things like that. I cut and I used to take a lot of percocet every night. It would make me feel worthless and throw up and I got addicted to the worthless feeling but I ran out so now I just cry at night. I cut myself but I don’t have a razorblade so I use a knife and cut myself. It’s not about suicide for me but more about punishment. I feel worthless so I hurt myself for punishmnet for being fat. I feel so depressed but I don’t want pills because they’re supposed to make you fatter. Uggh…I don’t even know why I’m writing this I guess I just need someone to talk to. I have no one. I know I’m probably just going to get a lot of “Just diet and exercise” comments or “You’re a stupid emo” or sosmething but Idk. I wish there was a psyciatrist on here I could talk to or just someone that wanted to listen…
A: You aren’t that fat. I knew a girl who weighed almost 300 pounds and she got down to 140 with diet and cardio. You are a lot better off than her. If she did it so can you.
My 1 year old rejects Daddy and his family, but not me and my family?
Q: I’m so sorry for the novel. I’m just frustrated to the point of ridiculousness.I am a SAHM and my daughter is breastfed and is highly allergic to milk and eggs, so I can’t really wean her just yet. Her daddy works out of town a lot, so he isn’t home every night. Some weeks, he is out of for 3-4 days of the week. Some weeks, he is home all week long. It is very sporadic.When he is gone, it is just me and the baby. I try to do what’s right for her, which I am constantly told is wrong because I apparently make her not want anyone else. I don’t do CIO. I have tried to let her cry for a few minutes, but she doesn’t ever stop and she just goes up in intensity instead of stopping. I have to rock her to sleep, usually nursing her. I play with her a lot and so does her Daddy. She LOVES to play with him. She is so happy with him. But she does NOT want him to hold her. If he picks her up, she cries. She wants me. If I’m gone, she’s much better. But I’m not often gone.I would leave more, but my husband is was recently partially blinded, so he can’t do a lot of her care. He has reasons for not doing these things, whether he can actually do them physically but not mentally. He won’t bathe her because he’s afraid that she will drown. He won’t feed her or change a poo diaper because of his blindness and lack of depth perception. But he will play with her all day long and she loves it. As soon as he picks her up, she’s irate.But, the thing is, she will go to my mom and my little brother just fine (those are the only two though, unless you are holding Cheerios. Then she will go to a few more people than that if she’s in the right mood and I am nowhere to be found)She won’t go to my MIL at all. She gets all offended by it and therefore never comes to see her. At her birthday party yesterday, she would only let me, my mom and my little brother (16 years old) hold her.How strange is it that she would rather go to my mom and my brother rather than her own Daddy? He’s a really good daddy and no, there isn’t anything inappropriate going on there, I am SURE of that. She won’t go to MY dad or older brother either, so I’m wondering if it’s also an issue with older guys (since she has no problem with my little brother, prefers him in fact). That doesn’t explain the extreme aversion to the MIL though.Is there anything that I can do? She’s a booby baby, that’s for sure. But I’m sure that the fact that Daddy is gone a lot is a big factor in her behavior. Am I tending to her needs too well? What the hell should I do?? Not care for her as well as I could? She sits here and plays by herself while I’m in the room. Sometimes she gets upset if I leave the room, but most of the time, she just either keeps playing or follows me into the next room.What can I do? Her daddy feels so rejected and I would LOVE to get a bit of break, especially at night (her eczema wakes her up many times throughout the night). I would love if he could get up with her and let me sleep a bit, but she throws such a gigantic fit that I lay there, listening to her scream. Then he gives up after she’s worked herself into a frenzy and it’s clear she won’t calm down. HELP!!!!!!
A: I’m so sorry- it sounds like this situation is exhausting for you!First off, you child will naturally prefer you while you continue to breast feed, but since that is what is best, don’t worry about that part! Also, tending to your child’s needs cannot be “too well,” so don’t stop being a good parent just because she struggles with others. From your description, your daughter has a healthy (not anxious or clingy) attachment to you, so that is not a big concern.Here is what I suspect: I suspect that your husband has a lot of anxiety and that he passed some of that on to your daughter. Some babies are much more anxious and suspicious of other adults than others. They are harder to get to sleep, harder to comfort, and harder to establish relationships with adults. She will get better as time goes on, but she will also probably be shy and prone to anxiety when she is older. In order to help her, make sure you encourage any self-soothing behavior she has (sucking on her thumb, rocking herself, favorite blanket, etc). Try not to nurse her to sleep, but continuing to rock her to sleep (just stop nursing before she’s completely asleep) is OK for a while, until she gets used to not nursing to sleep.As for your husband, I suspect that his anxieties about his ability to keep her safe are very evident to your daughter. She is picking up on his insecurities and senses that he is afraid. That makes her feel afraid and not trust. Blind fathers are able to change and bathe their children, so your husband mostly needs to work on getting his confidence up and dealing with his loss of vision and parenting insecurities. See if there is a father support group, or even a blindness support group that he can join. Losing vision can be really difficult to adapt to, and it usually takes some outside support to adapt physically and emotionally to it.If you would like, there are early childhood counselors that can help you. They would probably observe your child interacting with your husband and be able to pick up on little details that you probably didn’t notice. Call mental health centers or therapists in your area ( or talk to your insurance company) and let them know you want someone who specializes in “early childhood.” Most “mental health” treatment for children this age is simply helping to change the environment to help the child behave differently.As for your mother in law, it sounds like she is not being particularly kind and may also be anxious or angry, which your daughter picks up on. Even if my grandchild were anxious around me, I would not stop coming to see her- that is one relationship that your MIL is going to have to be responsible for, not you.Good luck!
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