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How fast is a dangerous heart beat

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A:An arrhythmia is a change in the rhythm of your heartbeat. When the heart beats too fast, it’s called tachycardia. When it…MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-fast-is-a-dangerous-heart-beat ]
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How fast is a dangerous heart beat
An arrhythmia is a change in the rhythm of your heartbeat. When the heart beats too fast, it’s called tachycardia. When it…MORE?
Is it dangerous if your heart skips a beat?
50 percent of people have had or will have a skipped heart beat. These can result from stress,fatigue, or can occur when the body is cooling down after exercise. Skipped beats can also occur during menopause for women because of hormone irr…
What is a dangerous heart beat?
Probably beating very rapidly, or beating only once every so often. This, of course, is without exercise.

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fast heart beat short of breath?
Q: hello im lucky if i eat 1 meal a day.i worked out all mt life and stoped for about 3 months now.ive lost over 12 pounds and the stress in my life i just dont have an appetite.mainly due to amy divorce im going thru.alot of times ill go 2 days without eating anything.i know how inhealthy it is i just dont get hungry.my heart sometimes feels like its beating out of my chest and i get short of breath.my dr just tells me 2 eat but she doesnt understand i cant sometimes.i mean i worked out 4 days a week at a private gym and now i cant keep anything down.eating is more a obligation 2 me now.could this be effecting my heart or can it be dangerous??thanks excuse the spelling lolthanks to all your help never thought i was actually depressed really.just thought it was all my health but my wifes sister said the same thing.thanks again and thank you very much for the article
A: Hi Shawn,You are describing the typical signs and symptoms of depression. I am pleased to note that you are working out but at this point there is no balance in your workout and life plan. You are in crises presently. You are likely to remain like this unless you talk with someone whom you trust.Could you please eat as part of your everyday activity. I know it will be boring as you have no appetite. After a crises, people who get help come out better. People who do not get help come out worse. Therefore, my advice is for you to seek professional help or seek out a close friend.You may want to read this article. I wrote it under my pen name.http://healthmad.com/mental-health/depression-recognition-and-management-of-mild-depression/Good luck.
Are Heart palpitations Dangerous?
Q: Im 19 yrs old and last year i found out thru my doctor that i suffer from heart palpitationsive always been a nervous person even since i was a child and everytime i went to my doctor thats what my mom would blame my fast heart beat on.so ive never been examined further until last yr my doctor asked about it and i told her im always like that and she explained how my heart is too fast and its working way too hard.i was sent to see a cardiologist & started taking meds to see if they helpedwell ive stopped taking the meds and i no longer have insurance hence i cant continue seeing my doctor and i never found out what the source of my condition is can someone please explain to me a little more about heart palpitations and if they can be dangerous?
A: It depends on the cause and exactly what rhythm is causing your palpitations. Most people have some form of palpitations; very few are dangerous. Most of the time they never find the cause; the medications are very successful in treating them. There should be a free clinic in your city where you can go to be diagnosed, along with some place you can get free meds.
out of shape and just started going to gym but scared how fast heart is beating?
Q: today was my first day at the gym. i did the elliptical for 30 minutes and my heart rate at one point was 179 bpm! i thought target heartrate during exercise was supposed to be like 140 or something. is this dangerous? i am a 23 yr old female, 170 lbs.
A: If you have a fast heart rate it could just be because you are out of shape. Once you keep working out and get into a routine then it should slow down. It could also be a health condition though. You should see your doctor and get a physical exam before you continue working out.
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