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Can you tell me if I am sick if I am cold and tired or am I just tired

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Symptoms of a flu include abrupt onset of fever, headache, fatigue, and body aches. If in addition to feeling cold, you start to get the chills, you are probably sick. Watch for signs of body aches and headache, dry cough, sore throat and runny nose. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-tell-me-if-i-am-sick-if-i-am-cold-and-tired-or-am-i-just-tired ]
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Can you tell me if I am sick if I am cold and tired or am I just …?
Symptoms of a flu include abrupt onset of fever, headache, fatigue, and body aches. If in addition to feeling cold, you start to get the chills, you are probably sick. Watch for signs of body aches and headache, dry cough, sore throat and r…

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I am Severely Depressed Over Genital Herpes (From a Rape). HELP!?
Q: As a result of a rape, I have genital herpes and HPV. I had several genital warts that I had treated. About 3-4 weeks after the rape, I developed a strange ulcer-like sore that eventually crusted over. I went to see a physician and she said I had a yeast infection. However, three days ago I had another sore that is similar to the first one. (This was 10 months after the primary outbreak) I got the sore on my inner thigh.I am severely depressed about it. Can I ever get married? Will my future husband/fiance be so grossed out? The thing is, I really don’t think the sores or the physical conditions are that bad. The first sore took several weeks to heal. But the sore that I had 10 months later was erradicated in only 3 days. I put baby poweder on it to help.The only bad thing about it is the social stigma. I think the general population is not educated on Herpes. They think it is some morbid disease where you will have severe blisters on your genitals the majorit of the time. I have only had 2 outbreaks in the past two months. Also, I am worried about spreading it when I get married. I am going to be honest about it with my fiance, I was thinking of writing him a letter after we got engaged. If he doesn’t want to marry me because of it, then it wasn’t meant to be.What do you think? Is genital Herpes really as horrible as it seems? About 5 years ago, I got HSV-1 from a female friend. I had two blisters on my face. After that outbreak, I haven’t had another blister. When I had HSV-1, people (including my doctor) didn’t act like it was a serious thing adn just told me to let it run its course. I have seen numerous research that idicated that HSV 1 and HSV 2 are the same level of severity. However, since HSV 1 is not sexually transmitted and so many people have it, it is not stigmatized at all. There is a “good” herpes and a “bad” herpes, however they both are the same level of severity and have the same affect on your health.Also, I read that herpes rarely causes serious health problems and it doesn’t affect the immune system. Before I realized I had herpes, I never felt sick or tired what so ever. The depression only came after I had a second outbreak and realized that my yeast infection was really a socially stigmatized disease.Do you think I am crazy for downplaying herpes? Why is it no big deal if you have cold sore but if you have a small spot on your genital,s it is disgusting?What should I do???? Should I just accept it? I have only had 2 outbreaks in teh first 10 months, so dyou think they will be even fewer in the future? See, I am not depressed about the physical symptoms because they are so mild, I am just terrified about how my future fiance will react.please help!
A: Here’s my story. I was the one with herpes, and my husband accepted it. I chose to wait to have sex until the wedding ring was on my finger and he kissed the bride. I would have felt like I had to stay in the relationship if I’d given it to him and then wanted to break up with him later (before the wedding).For me, it promoted a maturity that was necessary to deal with my future, as I truly believed I had none. I did some heavy soul searching and changed the ‘type’ of guy I was dating. (Hopefully your friend has also done this.) It made me ready to settle down, and find a comfortable relationship with trust that could withstand the test of time. Rather than needing to keep dating and have fun (not sex fun – I had only been with one person when I got it from a violent situation. I had dated lots though!)I have been married for 17 years now to a man who had only one other sexual partner. We have two children and he has never shown any symptoms of hsv. I was entirely honest with him, and we waited until a month before our wedding to consumate (have sex)the relationship. That was my choice.Though I was open with him, I told him in the dark so I wouldn’t have to see his expression. He thought about it (I don’t even remember if is answer was immediate or not), and said that it didn’t matter. I feared the answer to many other questions about whether he meant he didn’t need sex; how we would get pregnant if we used condoms; and even wondered if he knew something I didn’t. I called myself ‘damaged goods’. I also hoped he would research the topic before consumating the relationship. I am sure he did, as he is a VERY smart man.You see, as emotionally painful as finding out I had hsv was, it was actually a blessing for me in the end. I was living life for the now, and unable to make a committment to marriage until this vd caused me to sit down and be honest with myself about my values and what I wanted out of life. I was twenty five or so and still single, moving from one long term relationship to another… all ending the same way. I entered counseling and reevaluated what was really important in a relationship. I haven’t slept around, but was under the false impression that men who had had many encounters were sexy… I wish someone had told me about the statistics.One thing that was truly wonderful, was that when he told me it didn’t matter to him, I knew in my heart that this relationship would be FOREVER. No cheating, no divorce, no dating again, or remarriage…. that was one loving committment he made to me. He is truly the man of my dreams (and logic).There are two types of the virus and you can get either one in either place. I already had Type 1 (oral), but when Type 2 entered my body, I developed flu-like symptoms along with the outbreak.At first I took acyclovir faithfully to avoid transmission, but my sweetie told me to quit taking it after a couple of months. I had a lot of outbreaks, and when I had one, I just asked him to wear a condom. After a couple of months he said that if he was going to get it, just let it happen.I also remember some point in the first year that my husband developed flu-like symptoms. I told him that it could be hsv, and he just told me to stop worrying. But even then, he didn’t have an outbreak and never has had. Although my hubby has never had an outbreak, I’m sure he has to be a carrier of it.Like I said, we have two beautiful children, (who by the way will be more resistant to the virus since theyy have acquired my antibodies to hsv while in the womb) and we have unprotected oral and regular sex. The only time hsv can cause serious birth defects is when someone contracts the virus in the late stages of pregnancy. I had two c-sections, but for other reasons though. It actually was a relief to me- just out of caution.Many of my questions were answered in time. He has an incredible sex drive and our bedroom activities ARE important to both of us.Email me if I can help in any other way!
I think I am anemic, please help?
Q: Problem is, I’m still a teenager (barely 16) and I’m not sure if someone at such a young age can get that. It seems I have a lot of the symptoms:1. Constant headaches; but my mom blames it on lack of sleep.2. CONSTANTLY tired.. constantly. I usually get at least 6 hours of sleep a night, about 9 on weekends. Sometimes I feel so tired that I end up getting more, but people say the more you sleep the more tired you get.3. I constantly feel weak. It’s horrible. I feel like I have to force myself up because I feel as if I’m being weighed down.4. I always feel apathetic and indifferent.5. My period blood is so little, my period practically lasts 2 days.6. I’m often cold. Sometimes even with a jacket or a thick sweatshirts. I thought it was because I was getting sick.7. I do get shortness of breath so easily, but I figure that’s caused by my lack of exercise. I also sometimes have trouble breathing ://8. My attention span is about that of a fly. I can’t focus on a subject for a long time, even if I’m interested. It just boggles my mind.9. I tend to get full very fast (lost of appetite?) or not hungry at all.10. I’ve been craving potatoes like all the time even though I barely eat them lmfao (? idk if this helps haha)11. I feel dizzy SOOOO much, like right now. Lightheadedness occurs often too. Especially when I get up, everything goes black for about 10 seconds and I am stuck with a crappy dizzy headache-y feeling. I thought it was because I got up too fast?ALSOOOOOO I have abdominal pains. I went to a doctor once and they told me I just had a gassy stomach and it’d be solved if I took laxatives. That did barely anything and the pains continued.The only symptom it seems I don’t have is pale skin and craving for weird stuff such as paper or soil. I’m a dark tanned Asian so I can’t tell whether or not I am pale.Please don’t tell me to just go to a doctor. My family doesn’t have insurance and my mom just blames every symptom I have on lack of sleep. I need a good reason besides “I think I have it.”
A: It doesn’t matter what age you are – you can become anemic. There are babies in the nursery being treated for anemia. So you could possibly be anemic, but lets attack your symptoms first. You get more sleep than I do – I have sleep apnea. I get about 3 or 4 hours a night – I am tired and lethargic. If I don’t take naps I have no attention span.Potatoes are no good if you are not eating – too many carbs. Try eating small meals every 3 or so hours – an apple is a meal. Best way to try to level out your system:Breakfast – cereal or oatmeal or eggs, etcAbout 3 hours later an apple and a little cheese or other fruit.Lunch about 3 hour later – a sandwich (or half if you aren’t that hungry) and a tomato fruit.Mid afternoon a snack of fruit or veggie or the other half of the sandwichSupper with the family, just watch what you eat.Snack before bed – popcorn or fruit.This will help with the dizzies. – now the period – could be polycysticovary syndrom. Unfortunately your GYN doctor has to get involved and recommend. My daughter has this and her periods are almost nonexistint and she has stomach pains.So see, all your syptoms can be almost anything. But describe this to your mother and she may stop blaming lack of sleep, because that is only the corner of the problem.Good luck sweetie.
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