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What could be the cause of chest pains that makes it feel harder to breathe

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A:If you are having chest pains and a feeling of being short of breath you could be in arrhythmia go to your local Er to be seen. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-be-the-cause-of-chest-pains-that-makes-it-feel-harder-to-breathe ]
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What could be the cause of chest pains that makes it feel harder …?
If you are having chest pains and a feeling of being short of breath you could be in arrhythmia go to your local Er to be seen.

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What could be causing my chest pain?
Q: Ok so, a little history first.20 year old male, significant % body fat (workin on it!), ex marijuana smoker (1.5 years), ex cigarette smoker (kind of ((2 months))).So back in november, I started having panic attacks whenever I would smoke weed. This made me quit smoking weed (to this day, I still have panic attacks when I smoke weed). I started to get palpitations, shortness of breath, skipped beats, and chest pain on a daily basis. After seeing 2 cardiologists, 2 holter monitors, 1 24 hour one and 1 48 hour one, a stress echo, a regular echo, numerous ECGs, chest x-ray, and event monitor, it was determined that I suffer from benign PVCs and PACs. Ok, I can deal with those. Probably brought on by the stress and anxiety right?What I want to know is, if its not my heart that makes me feel like shit, then what could it be? These chest pains become a nuisance, and they are usually accompanied by shortness of breath, hot flashes, and panic after having the pain (Im always wondering, could it be a heart attack this time?) I have been getting acid reflux and lots of gas as well lately.Like today for instance, I had about 4 beers with my buddy. A couple of hours later the chest pain came. It went away once I lay on my stomach and took a Gaviscon for the acid reflux.Could my stomach be causing these chest pains? They start on the left side of my chest and sometimes in my arm, sometimes in my back between the shoulder blades. Also it feels as if someone is sitting on my chest, and it is hard to get a breathe in.
A: No it is not your stomache it is most likely not your heart either so be happy. It could be your anxiety without you noticing. I had the exact experience and I am still feeling it today so try your best to eat well and exercise to fight off the anxiety and goodluck! Take it easy.
Random chest pains…is there something seriously wrong?
Q: Ever since I was about 16 I’ve had a strange pain/feeling in my chest. Nothing too bad but enough to make me gasp a little bit.It got worse when I went to college and resulted in times me feeling like I had a ‘jump’ in my heart. Also since then when people have just been listening to pulses and that they seem to feel an anomoly.But I went to the doctors around this time and they listened to my chest with a stethoscope and said that it was ok and that I didn’t need an ECG or anything like that. So I presumed everything was ok and that it was possibly just in my head.Also at this point a lump started to develop in my chest but I’ve never had it dealt with because of personal fears and issues….I’ve been in and out of hospital too much as a child so it has to be serious if I’m to go to a doctors now…plus if it was anything serious surely I would know by now right?Since then I have had moments of times when I get pains in my chest and it can be hard tobreathe to such points where it feels like I’m not getting enough oxygen in my body. Sometimes when pressure is applied in the chest area it feels better and it helps to relax my heart rate as it goes a bit mad in these times.I also have really low blood pressure and I am underweight but I am not anorexic or bullemic. Anyone have any idea as to what is wrong?My latest incident was last night where I really felt like I could not breathe properly. My heart rate was quite fast but breathing felt like it caused some difficulty. I was so scared and frightened of what was happening in the situation but it passed eventually.My family have a history of asthma, hayfever, allergies and other things. We have something wrong in the allergy part oif our DNA and I also have immune problems.I also seem to be getting more and more headaches which are quite dehabilitating.Any help?By the way my parents know nothing of this and thats the way I’d love it to stay. I know it sounds harsh but it isn’t really.
A: From the sounds of it, I would say you need to see a Dr to make sure your heart is ok. Best of luck sweetie!
Chest problems – pain, sometimes hard to breathe, been happening for weeks. Now vomiting. Something serious?
Q: Hello,I really don’t know if there’s something seriously wrong or it’s something common and I’m just being a baby – so if these symptoms sound like something you know a diagnosis for, I’d appreciate it so much!!!I’m 25, female, and up ’till now very healthy, no medical conditions at all.But there’s been some strange thing coming and going for months making me sick, doctors don’t know what’s caused it. High fevers, chills, shaking, sore throat, skin rashes.All of those SEEM to have cleared, but not before I got a big infection on my shin – it got quite bad, and I had to have IV antibiotics to clear up the secondary cellulitis, and I’m still on oral Lamisil.To add to this – a few weeks ago I got an awful pain in the right side of my chest, lasted a few minutes, it felt like someone had their hand behind my ribs and was sitting on me.Since then, the pain has been on and off, in the right side of chest (but never as bad as that first time. Above breast, occasionally on side of it and in armpit) and lately it’s been in the centre of my chest more often.It’s never as though I can’t breathe, but it just kind of feels like my ribs have been pushed together and I can’t quite get enough air.Also had a dry cough on and off, and occasional low-grade fever.As of an unearthly hour this morning, I’ve been vomiting.So. Because I was so sick before, as soon as I said I had pain in my chest, my doctor ordered a chest x-ray.Clear.The past week I’ve been on anti-inflammatories, they’ve done nothing.Besides, the pain feels more like it’s behind my ribs, rather than the ribs themselves – snowboarding accident years ago, I know what inflamed rib cartilage feels like.Question is – what the hell could be causing this? Surely not heart problems, as this has gone on for so long – wouldn’t I have collapsed or something by now? Also I think I’d be in a lot more pain.Ugh.My doctor seems to be at a loss, and will order more tests he said – but there probably could be a million things causing this couldn’t there?I don’t want to go and whine to people at the hospital, as I don’t feel like I’m dying or anything – but I would rather like to feel normal again!Thank you so much – if you know what this is and can help me, I’d just be so grateful, I’ll probably erect some kind of statue in your honour!Cheers.
A: If you have symptoms such as severe chest pain, fainting or sudden onset of shortness of breath, contact your doctor or call for emergency medical assistance. While experiencing such symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a serious problem, it’s best to get checked out quickly. Early detection and treatment may help save your life. Check out symptoms of Pleurisy. Women often have different symptoms of heart problems than men do. The symptoms are often in different places, sometimes subtle, etc. Don’t assume that heart problems are only seen with a crushing pain to the left chest. In real life, it’s often not at all like that. Heart disease kills more women than breast cancer does. Check out symptoms of Pleurisy or Costochronditis.The signs and symptoms of pleurisy may include: Chest pain when you inhale and exhale (between breaths, you feel almost no pain) Shortness of breath Dry cough Fever and chills, depending on the cause The sharp, fleeting pain in your chest that pleurisy causes is made worse by coughing, sneezing, moving and deep breathing. In some cases, pain may extend from your chest to your shoulder. You may find relief from pain when you hold your breath or when you apply pressure over the painful area. The signs and symptoms of Costochondritis may include: pain and tenderness in the locations where your ribs attach to your breastbone (costosternal joints). Often the pain is sharp, though it can also feel like a dull, gnawing pain. Pain associated with costochondritis occurs most often on the left side of your breastbone, though it can occur on either side of your chest. Other costochondritis symptoms may include: Pain when taking deep breaths Pain when coughing Difficulty breathing I would call your doctor’s nurse or visit an urgent care center. Heart issues can cause pain anywhere in the chest, arms, back, neck or jaw. Even if it’s not a heart issue, you need to find out what it is. But, it could be an emergency situation. You can have a heart attack and live through it and not realize that’s what you’re having. Hopefully, it’s something less, but you need to find out ASAP. You might even want to go to the emergency room. And, take an aspirin in the meantime.Take care as always
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