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What is the best way to tell someone you gave them herpes

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Signs and symptoms for herpes may include a second crop of sores, and flu-like symptoms, including fever and swollen glands. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-tell-someone-you-gave-them-herpes ]
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What is the best way to tell someone you gave them herpes
Signs and symptoms for herpes may include a second crop of sores, and flu-like symptoms, including fever and swollen glands.

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what the best way to tell someone you may have given them herpes ?
Q: I went to the doctors today and it was bad news.P.S. the person i gave it to is my dad.i was totally kidding, thanks for your answer though lol
A: It makes a HUGE difference whether we’re talking about genital herpes (which I really really hope isn’t the kind you gave your Dad) or oral herpes.Oral herpes isn’t an STD. Most adults have herpes, and among the elderly, roughly 90% have oral herpes. He would have caught it sooner or later. In fact, it’s pretty shocking that he didn’t give it to you. Seriously. Most people catch oral herpes from kissing relatives as a child.I’m not even sure, if its oral herpes, that you need to tell him at all. If you do decide, you should just explain that cold sores are very contagious and that he probably caught his case from yours. If you were just diagnosed with genital herpes then you have my sympathy. When I was first diagnosed, I was an emotinoal wreck. But it gets better. Honestly.If you think that you somehow gave your Dad genital herpes without sexual (oral to genital, or genital to genital) contact, then you probably need to read a bit more about how herpes is spread. It’s spread through skin-to-skin contact. Not fluids. Not dirty underwear or sheets. I suppose if yoiu were having an outbreak, used a towel, rubbed it on your open sores, then passed the towel immediately to him, you may have given it to him. But that would be a super unusual way of spreading herpes.So before you tell him about YOUR genital herpes, be sure you understand how it is spread. If he’s not at risk, then don’t tell him.The best place I know to learn more about genital herpes is the website below. It’s reliable and easy to read. Good luck.EDIT:So, let me get this straight. I give you a really kind, sincere answer about my experience with genital herpes, and about how to approach the very difficult, humiliating aspect of telling your loved ones …. and you tell me that you were joking?One day, you will need to confront something humilitating and difficult. Something that makes you ashamed – through no fault of your own. And you will reach out to someone for help.Let’s hope that some jerk like you doesn’t yank your chain, just to amuse himself. Because you have already proven that people out there will do that.And I’m not “lol”Good luck.
How do you tell someone they gave you Herpes?
Q: I want to know what would be the best way of telling a guy that he gave you Herpes.Should you just blurt it out?Tell him straight forward?Give him pamplets?Tell him even though you dont know for sure if you have Herpes or not? (doc says what i got is consistent with it)
A: Make sure you have it before you confront anyone . . . and yes, the best way is to have a culture done of a lesion, but sometimes the lesion is gone before you have a chance to have it cultured. They can do bloodtests now to see if the virus (1 or 2, most common) is in your system. After confirming you have it, you still will never be completely sure of who gave it to you. Unfortunately, as someone said earlier, you can be a carrier and not even know it. If you are positive this guy gave it to you, just confront him with it. Not angrily . . . maybe he didn’t know he had it! 😉 It’s a tricky thing this HSV.The long and the short of it is though, you may never know where it came from, but it’s important to protect those who you choose to sleep with from here on out. Even with a condom, you can still pass the virus on. Disclose BEFORE you sleep with someone. A very very difficult thing to do, but a very responsible thing to do. Trust me . . . been there.
I found out I have herpes…?
Q: I have found out I have herpes.. Both woman I have been seeing in the passed year, say they have no symtom and have been to a clinic..WHich I find odd.. I have never slept with another woman, till 2 weeks ago. I Never had an out break, just this what looked like a pimple this week, on the pubic hair area. I had sex with this girl, with a condom, but the outbreak is not covered. I now have a few more and am taking anti viral and seen a doctor.. He told me to call passed ppl… I am, Now I cnt seem to reach her snce its christmas, and am waiting… I am going out off my mind…I would like to know If the chances are 100%she got it since I have soars in the pubic hair area…I know the doctor is the best way to go and I will tell her…Just right now I cant sleep its tearing me apart…I would never thought it would happen to me and now I might have gave it to someone who is a great person…. Please ask questions if Im not clear…This is realy important for me so please serious answers thank you for your timeI understand the fact, I will not be able to reach her for the week since its the christmas holidays. We do not know each other that great, so I do not have a way to reach her.. I understand I need to tell her, I have not hid the fact.. I am just a wreck and needed to talk about it openly I guessI thank Paul B. for answering so quickly, I understand having sex with multiple ppl increased my chances… I am n longer inquiring why I got it, since I have told everyone I have been with, I have it and one of them has it also unknowlingy maybe. But the Girl call her Sara, Sara and I dont know each other alot, and since its christmas shes gone to see her familly, (room mates informed me but no number to contact, so I can onyl wait..) But Since we HAD sex with a condom, BUT the condom wasnt over my outbreaks…Is it 100% sure she caught it…I know shes gonna go to the clinique…But I have been turning in circles… I guess it wont help me…But no where does it say it is sure…Since we had sex for a few minites(then soemthing came up irrellevant)Again this is not a question of either to tell her or not.. I just want more information…while Im waiting ..the wait is horrible
A: You’re not always automatically going to pass herpes on when you have sex. If you didn’t have an out break at the time you are less likely (but still slightly able) to pass herpes on. It may seam like it right now but it’s not the end of the world, at least herpes is not life threatening.You should know herpes can be passed on even when there are no symptoms, this is called viral shedding. You should also know herpes can be passed on even if condoms are used. Herpes can affect all areas of the genitals and condoms only cover so much. All it takes is skin to skin contact during sex to pass herpes on and there is still some skin left uncovered by a condom. Finding out you have herpes is rough but it will get better over time. At least you are trying to do the right thing. No one would ever dream of an std happening to them specially if they think they are a good person. Good people can get stds too, all it can take is one time having unprotected sex with a strange person. Either she caught it or she has it (possibly doesn’t know it) and passed it onto you. All you can do is wait until she gets back. Try to calm your self down and keep your self distracted until you can tell her.
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