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What was the cause of death for Elvis

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A:Cardiac Arrhythmia is stated as the cause of death of Elvis Presley. Elvis died in August 1977. Thanks for ChaCha’n! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-was-the-cause-of-death-for-elvis ]
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What was the cause of death for Elvis
Cardiac Arrhythmia is stated as the cause of death of Elvis Presley . Elvis died in August 1977. Thanks for ChaCha’n!
What was the cause of elvis presly’s death?
Heart attack. The main factors that caused his death are: ・ Diet: Elvis was known to eat a lot of “junk food” which is unhealthy. ・ The use of prescription drugs. Elvis took many types of prescription drugs, and this caused his h…
Who was the cause of elvis presley’s death?
I believe that Elvis had a heart attact or heart failure at the age of 42. He also ate a lot of fatty foods which caused him to become overweight (this may have cause the risk of him having a serious heart attack and dying). Elvis also took…

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what was the exact cause of death for Elvis Presley?
A: he was constipated. rip pelvis
Which death was more dramatic: Michael Jackson’s, Elvis’s, or John Lennon’s?
Q: Which death caused the most hysteria? I’ve only lived to see the death of Michael Jackson, so I don’t know how people reacted when Elvis and Lennon died…I think all were great but MJ is my favorite.10 points for whoever has the best reasons!BQ: What’s your favorite song by each of them? (Lennon = Beatles)
A: i think that John Lennon’s was the most dramatic because he was shot right outside his own house by a fan. Elvis Presley’s death at his time was the most public because he was in his bathroom when he was found. Michael Jackson’s is second tragic behind Lennon’s because he was trying to restart his career and he had the most fans right behind Elvis and John’s. All three deaths are sad as all three left behind young children. Though Elvis’ and John’s death are before my time, I’d have to say that John Lennon’s is the most dramatic because of the way he was killed. Follow that with Michael Jacksons’, then Elvis Presley. BQ: John Lennon: “Oh My Love” Michael Jackson: “Remember the Time”, “You are not alone”, “Beat It”, “Thriller”, “Black or White” and “Scream” Elvis Presley: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”
Could this guy be called be called an astrologer or he is just a fraud?
Q: When i asked a guy if it is possible to predict death, this is what he told me(he only knew that i was born on March 23 1990):”saw something on the history channel a few years ago about Nostradamus predicting his death and even getting people together for a party on the day before he died. He used astrology I believe, and one wierd thing about it was that he died standing up, which is the way they found him the next morning.I have no idea how he did that. But I have predicted my own death on my 80th birthday when several planets will conjunct my sun, including Pluto. I believe that Pluto aspects to the Sun are related to death or “transformation” like rebirth.In your case, your Sun is at 2 Aries and now Pluto is at 3 Capricorn, square your Sun. That is in my opinion a sort of clue that Pluto is influencing you subconsciously to concern yourself with your death. I wouldn’t say it is likely for you to commit suicide but I would just warn you that you might have subconscious impulses in that direction, especially during the coming year or two. You should not play with dangerous drugs or play with weapons or such. Pluto would conjunct your Sun at age 79. That would be my expectation if I were you. But of course lots of other things could kill you by accident or natural disaster whatever, in the meantime.I have studied many people who have died with Pluto square or opposite Sun, like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and suicide victims. That’s why I think Pluto affects us subconsciously to make us suicide prone. Uranus causes heart trouble too when in aspect to the Sun. And Neptune causes escapist feelings which might cause drug overdose deaths for some like Michael Jackson. And then there are violence type deaths where people attract violence against themselves due to transits like Saturn opposite Mars, and those deaths caused by auto accidents like James Dean, where people seem to drive to their deaths because they are just so excited and frenetic about speed, Uranus opposite Mars. Princess Diana died with Sun conjunct Pluto which everyone goes through once a year.I should put all my studies in a book some day but I doubt many people are interested.”And then when i asked are Saturn(to the sun) and Neptune transits(to the moon) good, he based another prediction, but this ONLY knowing that i am Aries.”If Pluto is square your Sunsign now, (Pluto is in Capricorn, your Sun is in Aries), then Pluto will conjunct your Sun in about fifty years. However, there seems to be some correlation, at least I have found some, between suicide and Pluto hard aspects to Sun. Pluto square Sun means, (in rudimentary astrological terms) in a nutshell, death-challenge to-self. You could have suicidal intentions during the several years that Pluto squares your Sun. As for Saturn, it is now in Libra, opposite Aries. Saturn can cause difficulties, making your life frustrating and depressing. It rarely means death but it can cause troubles. It could not conjunct your Sun until about fifteen years from now. Then Neptune is in late Aquarius now, square Aries. Neptune like Pluto could take a long time to get to Aries, say about twenty years from now.Now understand, just being in aspect to your sign does not have much meaning. It is really when the aspect to your Sun position, within a few degrees, that there is any significant effect. So without knowing your exact positions it would be difficult to make any kind of judgement on this question. However, I would say that you should only worry or be scared if you actually do have suicidal tendencies and you are the best judge of that.”Is this guy someone i should believe to, or not?
A: I am a professional astrologer with an entirely different take on this.No one can predict when you will die. That is your choice. I can look at a chart and sometimes get a clue as to the method of death. Mars in the eighth house indicates a sudden death, and if other aspects agree, it can be a violent death. Saturn in the same house can suggest a long protracted death. Uranus in the eighth can be a surprising death. But I have yet to find a seriously significant transit for the TIMING of death.When I was a beginner at astrology, co-learning with a friend of mine, we went looking for the trigger point for death. This wasn’t particularly professional. We didn’t do a lot of research. We located maybe 25 charts for which we had an accurate time of death, and with slide rules, calculators and pencils with erasers, we set to work.And we couldn’t find anything significant in a major way. None of the big heavy transiting planets were making precise aspects. Nothing intense seemed to be happening. What we found instead were exact aspects by the Moon or Mercury, and sometimes both together. To make this clear to non-astrologers: if you are 50 years old, Mercury by transit has hit every spot in your chart at least 50 times, usually more due to retrograde motion. And the Moon? At 50 years old, it has made at least 600 trips around your chart. So what to make of this? Death is no big thing? Really? It can happen at any time?I have a belief in continuing life, so I’m fine with the conclusion that dying is no big deal. And it reinforces all the clichés about how the way you live your life is much more important than the way or time you die. After all, astrologers are concerned with birth charts, not death charts.
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