Any good ideas to control localized psoriasis on my hand?

Q:Any good ideas to control localized psoriasis on my hand?
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I’ve been fighting psoriasis (very NON-localized!) for about four years now. Because I sunburn so easily, my dermatologist has told me I should probably avoid it, but he usually tells psoriasis patients to get direct sunlight on the affected area for about 15 to 20 minutes a day. I’ve used several prescription ointments (Donovex [vitamin D] and clobetasol propionate [a topical steroid]) with only moderate success. Cyclosporan capsules gave me sleep apnea (which, fortunately, stopped when I quit taking them!). Light therapy (before I found my current dermatologist!) made a “crispy critter” out of me and made the problem about five times worse! My new doctor gave me a prescription for Soriataine pills, which I haven’t had filled yet. I read about the side effects and decided to try something else first!About two and a half weeks ago I started using “Cocoon” Total Body Rejuvenating Emollient from AminoGenesis ($44 a bottle – lasts me about 12 days putting it on both legs and both arms, and assorted other spots twice a day!), which is expensive until you compare it to the prescription drugs usually used for psoriasis! It feels wonderful going on, smells nice, absorbs well, and isn’t sticky. It works very slowly, but it’s completely non-toxic (Hallelujah!), which cannot be said for ANY of the prescription meds I’ve used or been encouraged to try. My spots and patches are paler than they were when I started, and I’m starting to see small areas of skin that are almost normal skin color on my lower legs (where my psoriasis is so thick it looks like I’m wearing burgundy knee socks!). I’m going to give this stuff at least a 2-month trial. It is keeping my skin moisturized enough that I’ve not had a problem (so far) with flaking. It does nothing for the itching, but then neither have any of the other things I’ve tried! I ordered it from . they offer free shipping and free samples with every order . and their prices for this are the same as half a dozen other sites I checked. Good luck! Let me know if you find something that works wonders! oil of your choice
If you see a dermatologist, he or she will prescribe a skin cream or a pill that might reduce your sensitivity to whatever is causing the psoriasis. You should also get allergy testing as well to see if this is a possibility.
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