Anyone out there have a defib?

Q:i have a defib, for about 3 years. i already had to have it changed casue the battery went dead… Ive had my 2nd one for 1 year Im starting to get scared that this one is going to go dead fast too. any one have similar problems
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The life of an AICD (automatic implantable cardiac defibrillator) depends on many factors, including the model, how often it is required to pace, overdrive pace, and shock the patient, the settings, and the state of the wires from the defibrillator to the heart, so it’s almost impossible to predict beforehand, but it can be monitored by your cardiologist using a device to interrogate it (which is one of the things that happens when you go to have it checked). So I can’t tell you how long your current AICD will last, but I can say that as technology gets better, they get smaller and have longer-lasting batteries, so if the use patterns are the same, odds are that you’ll get more life out of it than the last one.
I did some research and it seems the average replacement time for the ICD (Defib) is every 24 months. Im sure it will increase as time goes on, but this is as recent as I could find. You can read the article yourself. I hope this helps.
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