How long after a person quits smoking ,will the smokers cough still continue?

Q:I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago,after 30 years of killing myself . mostly because I was coughing so much ,The mornings were the worst but through-out the day I would cough alot too . Now that I have quit it seems like I’m coughing even more. is my body trying to clean it self ?will it go away? I know most people will say to see a doctor ( not happening) they only want your money and to give a percription that cost even more money.I know the coughing wont go away like magic and it will take some time ,I was just wondering about how much time . I also realize that the damage may already be to far and that no amount of time will change anything I look forward to hearing from you . dreamcatcher
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After 25 years of smoking (2 packs/day), I had coronary bypass surgery (5 bypasses) on Wednesday, Oct. 4,2006. I stamped out my last cigarette as I opened the door to the hospital that day, not knowing at that time I even needed bypass surgery. I am still smoke free and doing quite well thanks to the Wellbutrin (Zyban) my surgeon put me on. I am now free of the Wellbutrin as well. I also found out that day I have COPD (Pulmonary Fibrosis – scaring of the lungs)In any event, yes, your body is trying to cleanse itself. It will go away but may take some time away. I stopped coughing about two weeks after getting out of the hospital. I was in there for 4 days so it took about 2 1/2 weeks for me. The same for the bad tastes.Stopping smoking will change things. No matter how far it has progressed. By quiting smoking you stop the damage where it is so it doesn’t get worse.Good Luck! I wish you well in your quest.Sincerely,TerryE-mail: [email protected] “Our Bipolar World” my personal website at:
well it really depends how long you’ve been smokin’ for me i only smoked 3 days and i had the smokers cough for a week after. let’s see 30 least 2 years for that cough to go away.
Hang in there dreamer!My mom quit smoking after about the same lenght of time, and it did seem that her coughing got worse. We were told that, yes, it was the lungs trying to clear everything out.After about a month, it seemed to level off to the where it had been when she’d been a smoker on a good day. And, gradually, over the next six months, cleared up.Yes, it’s a long process – but stick to it! Your lungs/body can & will heal if given a chance, but you’ve been dumping gunk into them for so long that you have to give it some time!Best of luck & look forward to those days when you’ll be feeling GREAT!
It can last for awhile.If things are still bad after six months I would definetly get it checked out! Try using herbal tea’s.I suggest a tea called Breath easy..made by traditional medicinal! It works great to help heal damaged lungs and sinuses in my opinion!
The cough of chronic bronchitis probably will continue.
The coughing should subside within 3 to 6 weeks after quitting. When you smoke your bodys defense mechanisms kick in and creates a protective mucous membrane over the bronchi and lungs. When you quit your body realizes it doesn’t need this mucous anymore and starts sloughing it. Make sure you are drinking lots of water during this time period and it will make you cough it up faster. Good Luck!
After 30 years, you may have damaged your lungs. You say you won’t see a Dr, and that would be a foolish and dangerous mistake. If you need treatment, you condition will only get worse if you ignore it. Emphysema and lung cancer are very real and will progress rapidly without treatment. Please see a Dr, preferably a bronchial specialist. A cough is a danger signal. Don’t ignore it.
I quit over a year ago. The coughing subsided after about a month. Congatulations and good luck.
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