can you bring litigation on a doctor who doesn’t give you proper treatment?

Q:I have a friend who has a arithritic problem of the knee and the medical professonals that he has to deal with seem to be reluctant in giving him the right solution to fix the problem,The poor guy is in server pain without pain killers and he literally has to jump through several hoops to get the relief he needs to reach timed appointments and the prescribtions to do that,and then they don’t have his appointment on computer so he has to make another one,he’s sent to one doctor and then another and another until they don’t know why he’s or what he’s there for,this is just the tip of this whole enchalada,then the doctors say or have some kind of a gradeing system as to how painful it is to him,they contradic there own diagnosis to escape responsibility this is a shameful thing to witness this poor guy needs some legal advise,and trying to change doctors isn’t the solution,he’s locked into the same doctor because of a prior operation done on the same knee.
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Doctors have to be careful about giving out too much pain medication because often patients are not really in pain but just lying in order to get narcotics because they are drug addicts. I’m not saying your friend is one, but the doctors don’t always know for sure and there is no way to prove it to them anyway, so they are often suspicious after months and months of the same pain. They can be arrested if they give out too many pain meds to drug addicts. Wouldn’t you be careful if you were in their position?
ofcourse you can for not providing proper treatment or ignoring or making unnessesary reffrals or hidding the truth. any ways ask your friend to see a good physiotherapist or an occupational therapist they are good in handling these kind of problems. they also make homevisits for treatment but charges are bit higher. if you like may be i could be of little help i myself is an occupational therapist, please describe the whole case to me if you can. What you said bout locked in with the doctor is not true he has the right to go for a second opinion with another doctor. So before you stir the pot get your facts right.
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