Herpes commercials?

Q:i dont have herpes, and i dont know why, but i realy like those herpes commercials. does anybody else in here feel the way i do?i wonder if people with herpes like those commercials.
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I like to tease my friends and say things like, “Hmmm, ed.. you seem to be listening awfully closely to the commercial!”And I really like the way they make the disclaimer in the soft monotone voice- They say, “…outbreaks may occur more frequently than normal when using this drug…average outbreaks can last up to 6 months…..outbreaks lasting longer than 6 months should be addressed by your doctor…if your sex life is not normal because of high blood pressure or obesity you may want to stop using this drug when an outbreak occurs…”And then I think to myself, “HUH?” I mean I cannot decide whether or not I want to talk about it after that!
i think they are overly silly, and i should know :o)
in one way they are informative… and urge those with it do seek medication..has positive effects They are meant to make light of a serious situation, but I seriously doubt people with herpes want to make light of their situation. They don’t run around on beaches and play volleyball and laugh about their medications.
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