how do i buff up?

Q:ok, so im 14 years old and ive been liftin weights for about half a year now, the thing is i have great upper body strength and good leg strength but my arms are so thin, the thing is though i am a lot stronger at bicep curls etc then people with bigger arms, how do i make my arms look bigger
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Ok you sound like a hardgainer. limit your time in the gym. 40 min intense workouts are good enough..this is a proven formula for thin guys. here is a program for you. do 3 reps of each and workout 3 days a week.. for example monday, wednesday and friday. day 1) incline dumbell press (always start incline), flat bench press, inner chest machine, skull crushers 2) pulldowns, deadlifts, dumbell curls 3) squats, leg curls, leg extensions, calf raises, seated calf machine, overhead military shoulder press, lateral shoulder raises. Have a good source of protein every 3 hours.. try to get in about 20 grams. take your vitamins, drink plenty of water and maybe buy a weight gainer. follow this and you will grow! by the way liftiing weights at 14 is a bad idea because it can stunt your growth and prevent you from reaching your natural height. More protein. Work with weight machines where the weight is always set just a little higher than you can actually lift.
Depends on how you lift if you lift reasonable amount of weights doing lots of reps you’ll gain strength but won’t get bulk. If you lift really heavy doing little reps you’ll get bulker.
eat alot of carbs and keep hittin the weights.pastas,bread foods such as these.
You haven’t hit your growth peak yet, so your testosterone level is low to begin with. Only time will help that. What you can do, is pick a heavy weight you can only do once or twice, and then build up your reps on that weight until you can do 3 sets of 6, then kick it up to the next weight level. Also, eat, eat, eat. Steak Chicken, Fish, Milk, Cheese, if it has protein eat it. Don’t take those protein shakes, they’re junk, most of them don’t absorb completely anyways so you only end up with about 40% absorption. You’ll need about a gram of protein per pound of body weight to make gains.
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