What is a penis?

Q:What is a penis?
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a penis is a protrusion from the male that hangs down from his groin area. as a boy matures to adulthood, this protrusion grows longer and widrer. hair begins to sprout on the area above the protrusion and below it. a man used his penis to urinate/eliminate liquid. his penis serves him pleasurable too.sometimes a man will play with his penis, excite himself, and eventually ejaculate a thick, stick, white substance called semen.other times a man likes to have his partner suck his protrusion or have it placed inside his g/f;s vagina. by pushing back and forth against the walls of her vagina, his penis feels better and better, until he ejaculates. if he ejaculates into the woman’s vagina, a baby can be created. if he wears a protective device, called a condom, usually a baby is not conceived.for men, their penis is their most valuable body part. it provides them with plenty of excitement, past-time fun, and powerful releases of semen.some men like to share their penis with a woman, while others prefer to share their penis with another man. either way, the man uses his penis for tons of fun.
Its the thing between your legs, and use it when you go pee pee. That’s is a penis.
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