Is it ture that a person must fast before they take the test to see if they’re diabetic or not?

Q:If so, how many hours? I hope, wish, & pray that I’m not diabetic. Is numbness a sign? I know I’m black & overweight, which are such factors. I’m so scared.
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It is recommended a patient eat a high carbohydrate diet for a few days before a gtt test. fasting only on morning of test. I think there r two tests – 1 on empty stomach and other on full. U can have the fasting test done as soon as u wake up & the filled one 2 hrs. after eating
Depends on the test — but, if you mistakenly eat, and you do have diabetes, it will probably still show up as positive.Not all diabetes (even type II) can be controlled with diet and exercise, or even medications. Diabetes is a progressive disease — it gets worse as time goes on, and sometimes requires insulin.Generally you just fast from midnight on until the test.
A person does not have to fast to get a Random BS test. (like at the doctors office) But if that shows any abnormal highs or lows then a GTT is required. Starting with a 12 hour (overnight) fasting you would go to the clinic or office for 6 hours. giving blood every 1/2 hour to 1 hour then drinking a God awful sugary drink and giving more blood. If your BS is over the 130 mark or under the 80’s Your doctor should retest to make sure every thing is correct. Numbness is not a sign of diabetes but is a factor after many years of having it & not controlling it properly. I hope & pray you are not one of us either. Since you said you are over weight…. This just may be a wake up call to you…. Hope so!
Blood sugar tests include several different tests that measure the amount of sugar (glucose) in a person’s blood. These tests are done either on an empty stomach, or after consuming a meal or premeasured glucose drink. Blood sugar tests are done primarily to diagnose and evaluate a person with diabetes mellitus.It is the fasting plasma glucose test that is done on an empty stomach. For the eight hours before the test, the person must fast (nothing to eat or drink, except water.)If using a glucometer, fasting is not necessary. The person pricks his or her finger (a finger stick) with a sterile sharp blade from the kit. A single drop of blood is placed on a strip in a portable instrument called a glucometer. The glucometer quickly determines the blood sugar and shows the results on a small screen in usually a few seconds.There are other kinds of tests for blood sugar. Ask your doctor which type of test he prefers.Don’t be afraid. If your being diabetic can be confirmed soon, and if it is adult onset diabetes, it may not be too late. A few months ago I experienced the same thing you are experiencing. The doctor ctarted me on meds to control the blood sugar. But after loosing only a few pounds and staying away from sugary stuff in my diet, my blood tests a few days ago turned out to be normal.I am hoping it will stay normal for now. I decreased my hypertension meds and cholesterol lowering drugs…and hopefully will stop taking the meds for diabetes. Diet and exercise can stop the onset of diabetes..
usually, yes, and at least 12 hours of fasting before u go.they’ll give u something to drink and u have to wait a while and then they test ur blood.numbness isn’t usually a sign of diabetes, but, in some situations it is, it could be something else.try not to worry so much, that makes it worse.hope everything turns out well!!
Don’t be scared. If it ends up that you have diabetes, it’s fairly easy to learn to control with proper diet and exercise, and medication or insulin if needed. Yes, it’s true that you must fast for a few hours before the test. But it’s not an unbearable amount of time. Good luck, and may God be with you.
It’s called a glucose fasting test and you usually have to fast for 12 hours. You are at a higher risk because of your weight. So please get the test done – it doesn’t hurt. Diabetes Type I and Type II could be the results. Don’t panic as you may be able to control Type II by diet. Best wishes.
you fast before a glucose tolerance test. Often that is not necessary. If you are thirsty and have a blood sugar over 200 you are very likely diabeticAn excellent book on the subject is partially online. Read here of the extremeties, usually feet (neurasthenia)can be a symptom of diabetes. See a doctor. Left untreated diabetes can result in blindness and kidney failure.
yes, fasting is required, and depending on the doctor, you may be required to fast anywhere between 8 and 12 hours. don’t be scared of diabetes. it’s not a death sentence if you control it. make sure to eat right, exercise, and keep your heart healthy and blood pressure under control. some signs of diabetes is numbness of hands and feet, itchinees of hands, feet, or extremely dry skin, blurry vision, eating a ton of food and feeling hungry quickly, sleeping for hours and waking up still exhausted, feeling extreme thirst, going to the bathroom often, slow or non healing wounds or infections…make sure to follow your new meal plan and exercise. eat healthy, high fiber foods such as brightly colored fruits, vegies, berries, whole wheat, whole grain pastas, popcorn, crackers, cereals, oatmeal, breads, tortillas, lean proteins such as fish, chicken, ham, turkey, beans, nuts, peanut butter, and soy products such as soy milk, soy nuts, soy crisps, and dairy products that are low or non fat. feed your body quality food and drink plenty of water and green tea. some sweeteners you may want to include in your diabetes management plan is Stevia, sweet leaf, which is loaded with fiber and naturally sweet, or Royal Jelly which is a honey product, has sugar, but is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Splenda, Equal, and other products are good, but they are not natural and could have side effects; use sparingly. i will pray that you don’t have diabetes, but there is worse diseases to have. once you get your blood sugar under control and start living a good life, you may feel better than you did than before you were diagnosed because you will be eating and living healthier…getting fit.
My mom is diabetic and she had to fast for 12 hours before taking that test.
yes otherwise the sugar levels will be elevated from the food in your system
There two testes for blood sugar in diabetics ,Fasting blood sugarcan be done after12 hours fasting , and postprandial test two hours after meal ,numbness could a sign in late uncontrolled cases.
Your doctor will tell you how many hours you need to fast before you take the test. No need to worry about it now. Don’t get in a panic over the prospect of being diabetic. They’ve come up with many new painless ways of measuring blood sugar and options besides injections of insulin too. My mother takes pills for her diabetes. Relax and good luck.
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