Is there any cure for myelomeningocel.

Q:My brother is 26 yrs old. SInce birth, he is handicapped due to myelomeningocele. Is there any way to cure it/ rehabilitate him?
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Hi..I have put a link for you, below!..Since their are variants, on” myelomeningocele”..and every situation, is different, the best way ask the specialist, on line!I wish you a lot of courage, and..I hope..they can heal, him!.Kind regards! If he is mentally retarded, that cannot be cured. If he has a large head,(hydrocephalus) it can be treated by a neurosurgeon. If there are contractures in the legs or club-feet, he can be treated by an orthopedic surgeon. If the limbs are spastic, he needs physiotherapy. If there is urinary retention or dribbling, consult a nephrourologist.
This is the same as my daughter. The cure is surgery for the open spine and the shunt for the excess fluid. Depending on his nerve damage depends on the rehab. My daughter will be 36 next month. He is luck to live to 26. From here it depends on his health. As long as he keeps his kidneys and shunt healthy he can live a long time. If he is able to walk, he can hold down a job and live a more normal life. If he is not in a lot of pain. He can count his blessings.
The only thing is to pray for him.
There may be hope in glconutrients. read my page and all the testimonials.
First let me answer your main question. 1) There is treatment that is done during infancy. 2) Given your brother’s age, any further meaningful rehab may be hard to come by. Any damage to his brain or nervous system is irreversible.Another answer gives a good list of who to consult for what type of problem. Unfortunately, we have to assume that any long standing problems have been addressed. New problems may develop and your brother should be under the close supervision of a physician. Myelomeningocele is a form of spina bifida (open spine). It is the most common form of this congenital disorder (birth defect). In myelomeningocele there is a CSF (fluid) filled out-pouching (cele) under the myelin of the meninges (the tough outer covering of the spinal cord). This pouch protrudes through the opening in the spine. In most cases this pouch is visible through the skin at birth. It can cause paralysis, loss of bowel and/or bladder control. Babies born with myelomeningocele are at high risk of meningitis, infection of the mininges ( the tough covering of the brain and spinal cord.Most babies who have myelomeningocele are also born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain). This can cause mental retardation. Hydrocephalus is treated by surgery placing a shunt to drain off the excess CSF. This can also help with the myelomeningocele by reducing the pressure inside the pouch. Following this surgery is done to place the spinal cord where it belongs and close the opening in the spine. One of the most important factors in treating myelomeningocele is preventing damage to the spinal cord during birth and before the surgery and immediately after..All of this should have been done when your brother was a baby. Any benefit from the surgery should have been gained years ago. You do not say where you live and what medical care your brother has received. This procedure is standard and widely available throughout the and Canada (and one would guess most other ‘developed’ countries).If your brother has reached 26 years and has not developed other serious health problems, he has been well cared for.I will be praying for your brother. While there is very limited hope for improvement, the best source of help for your brother may be God.Blessings.~GaryRN
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