What is renal cancer?

Q:What is renal cancer?
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Renal cancer is a cancer in the Kidney. Any cancer in the kidney could be thought of as renal cancer. My Mom gave me one of hers for a transplant. Today I found out her brother ( my uncle) had part of one of his removed because of cancer in his kidney.I tried to cheer him up asking if he had compared scares with my mom. He hadn’t but laughed. Their mom and my sister both died of cancer. It worried me about my mom. Hope you have the best of health.Just in case there are tests described here:http://www.testsymptomsathome.com/fs_can.
Renal refers to the kindeys. Hon, this is one of the deadliest cancers because there are generally no symtoms in the early stages.
Renal = KidneyRenal Cancer = Kidney Cancer
cancer of the kidney’s. 90% of those with the cancer die and 10% live.
Kidney cancer
This is kidney cancer. It is a very serious form of cancer, with a devastating prognosis in most cases. Removal of the affected kidney is usually the first approach, with the usual chemotherapy, and possibly radiation therapy. Go to www.about.com and type in renal cancer, and you can find info there.
Renal cancer refers mainly to the Kidneys you may have cancer in one or both of your kidneys or any part of the urinary tract
Renal usually relates to the kidneys.
most of the time if it is not found early there is little hope but i was lucky they took out all of my left kidney and part of my right (you can live on 1/4 of a kidney) i will not tell you it was easy radiation really made me tired. But it is not always a death sentence keep praying and get the best doctor
Everything you need to know is here!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/renal_cance.
It’s usually in one or both kidneys.But it could also be anywhere along the urinary (“renal”) tract (e.g. ureter, bladder, etc.)
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