Really Bad Acne?

Q:my boyfriend has really bad acne on his face and back.. he’s tried all otc treatments as well as proactiv, none work. The bumps are very big and painfull.. any suggestions??
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I have severe acne. My Doctor prescribed BenzaClin and it burns. Sorry I’m in that sticky mess.
See a dermatologist. If nothing, even Proactiv will not touch it, there are probably other things he needs a doctor to take a look at to figure out exactly how to treat the severity of his acne.
Usually steroids do that.. next.. sounds like he needs tetrocycoline. that is an antibiotic.. lay off the sugar and fried foods. eat right, shower 2 times a day.. soak in epson salt to dry them out.. really depends on how old he is, what his eating and sanitary conditions are like..
Get him to a dermatologist. The topical solutions don’t seem to be strong enough for his condition. He may have to take an antibiotic pill like tetracycline.
The way for his face to clear up is really quite simple, you just need to be willing to do something, witch from the question.sounds like he is.Pimples are a scourge. They come suddenly during the night attacking us in our sleep. Sometimes during the middle of the day they will come they come and you don’t know until you have said good afternoon to an office full of people. You go in the bathroom and see it and you think to yourself I can’t believe I was out in the public looking like this. Not anymore. Mother Nature is on your side. For every chemical there is a natural that is it’s equal. Of course the natural way takes a little time, but usually it is cheaper and better for you. Lemons, tomatoes and witch hazel are all proven to fight and keep acne at bay. Lemons and tomatoes are both fruits, yes fruits, with a second quality not known to all humankind. What you want to do is cut it open. Cutting it in fours goes a long way. Take each piece of lemon or tomato and rub it on your face. You may have a little something left on your face. Just leave it there. It’s for your own good. They will make pimples disappear almost overnight. It they don’t disappear they will be smaller the next time you check. Lemon is also good for removing scars. That means any pimples you popped in angst that left a scar will go away over time. Lemon contains acid so it’s like having an acid peel thing going, but not. Your skin will be so clear you can set that makeup aside for special occasions. Another thing that works is keeping your face wiped off. You don’t really need soap. All you want is for your pores to stay closed. How you say. Water. Yes, water. Bottled or tap water. All it has to be is cold. Wet a face rag with cold water. I hate to have cold anything on me, but I hear pain is beauty. Wipe your face with a cold wet rag everyday before setting out for the day. Wipe it again went you get in and once more before bed. Your pores will stay closed. You will keep the irritation of the skin on your face down and it should be pretty clear. Also try to remember to keep your hands out of your face. Your fingertips and nails hold a lot of germs and touch a lot of dirt. Putting them in your face increases the chance of irritation thus creating those hideous pimples. Witch Hazel is a natural way to clear ones face, too. It is an astringent. Yes, an astringent, just like the other products claim to contain. Witch Hazel is also cold almost anywhere you store it so it’s like using water only it pulls impurities up out of your skin. Your will apply this anywhere from two to three times a day. Before bed is really good. As you sleep your body goes through a lot of things I am not scientifically equipped to elaborate on or prove. I just notice that if you do your beauty regimens at night and go to bed when you wake up in the morning you should be very pleased with the results when you wake up in the morning. And it is very cheap because almost not one buys it. Hurry up before they figure it out! ~Hope this helps! Good Luck
Accutane works the best. Dermatologist has to prescribe it to you. Theres a lot of pre medical stuff u have to do such as pregnancy test, liver function test, and screen you for depression. I was on accutane, and it was the best. My hair never got oily, my make up stayed on even after clubbing. The best and most important thing, it cleared up my skin. Although the first month of it gets the worst and after that it clears up. You only take accutane (comes in a pill) for about 4-6 months then your done. Now is the best time b/c it is not reccomended for you to be exposed to sunlight while your on the medication.
You have to be careful with internal medications for acne. It can do some stuff to your liver (so I’ve heard).He can scrub his face and back with some hot salt water. The hot water will open up the pores and the salt will get in and help dry out the acne.That’s just the home remedy, but if nothing else seems to help them a dermatologist would be the best route then.
if possible, he should try a dermotologist. they can prescribe meds such as antibiotic’s (usually oral and topical) to help him out.
tell him to try a drmatologist..which will prescribe antiobiotics that will treat your boyfriend from the inside, out..then they will probably give him avitra.a topical cream to put on at night and a cleanser for the moning. it works my best friend uses it, and her skin looks hot
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