What causes under-eye milia?

Q:If it’s my eye cream, which eye cream should I switch to? (I currently use Kiehl’s creamy avocado treatment.)I also tried a couple new concealers (L’Oreal and Physicians Formula — cheapo drugstore ones) in the last couple of days. Would expensive department store concealers be less likely to cause these bumps?
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God. Thank you for putting a name to my ‘condition’! I’ve always seen these tiny things without knowing what they were!Until now I only heard of baby acne being called ‘milia’..Aside from that (wonderful story), sorry, but I have no advice to offer.Best of luck finding a solution.. I think I should check back to read what answers you get..!
it is most likely caused by a buildup of pore secretions.have you tried a very mild abrasive to open up the pores (i am not familiar with what you have used)read the link below for more info.good luck
It’s caused by spamming this site with repeat copies of the same question.
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