what is the bad side effect of using empty plastic bottles?

Q:What i mean is the bad side effect of reusing the empty plastic bottles many times(for example pepsi bottles.ets.).
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One of those news shows on the idiot box (TV) said that it was a bacteria play ground. And something about the plastic in the bottle leaching out in to the water to contaminate and combine with saliva for a bacteria city! To fill them once might be okay, but should be recycled after that. Could be a ploy to sell more bottled water? Like as a water bottle? I don’t think there’s anything bad except that you need to wash it like any other dish/cup. Bacteria can grow on it. There are problems with heating and microwaving plastic though. Molecules get shifted around and dislodged. I don’t know more than that.
I think one would be that the bottles can carry a lot of bacteria.like when you refill a water bottle instead of buying fresh. Especially in the fridge, it seems like the germs would grow. There will be no side effects if they are properly cleaned before using.
reuse that bottle!Better to get a free one at every drinking fountain rather than waste money and plastic on new one. As long as you wash it well with soap and water, you’ll be 100% fine.Also, you’ll be helping the environment everytime you reuse. The plastic from the bottles people throw out takes hundreds of years to decompose.
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