why don’t guys have periods?

Q:why don’t guys have periods?
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because it was gods will.
They dont have the guts
you’ve gotta be kidding me. guys don’t have babies..
We do, it’s not quite so bloody
indeed, it just for female,btw i dont wanna
Because they dont have a uterus. The period, is the breaking down and elimination of the wall of the uterus, coming out of the body, hence the blood and part the gross term, chunks.
because they are so lucky!. and they don’t have to reproduce.
Because they have to put up with their women who do have them.
because we go through the pain of our gf’s and wives! hormones
idk but I wish they did ^.~
Because nature gave them penises and testicles, not uteruses and ovaries.
because they don’t have ovaries, which produce estrogen and progesterone, which causes the ovaries to develop eggs for possible fertilization. because they dont have any eggs to release
Someone else does it for us. Sorry but true., well not to sorry, I really would not volunteer to trade places. I guess the trade off is that we (men) will never know what it is to carry a child, and experience the miracle of birth from your perspective.
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