Best Dog Park in Plymouth, Minnesota

Fresh air, space to run, lots of friends – I don’t know who enjoys the Plymouth Dog Park more, my dog or I. He loves getting to run free from his leash and the confines of the house; I enjoy hanging out and swapping advice with other dog owners; and both of us enjoy playing with the hodgepodge of canine visitors. Where else can your cuddle a Lhasa Apso and wrestle a Boxer in one day?

Roaming the 10-acre park, you’ll find a friendly community – everyone pitches to fill the water bowls, extra poop pickup bags are available for those who forgot, and the brave souls who bring treats often share with the pack. Though the occasional dog scuffle does occur, owners are quick to defuse the situation without laying blame. Sloppy puppy kisses are usually welcomed, it’s no big deal when a dog tips over a water bowl, and no one judges the miscreant who is still learning not to jump, nip, or otherwise exhibits unruly behavior. Instead, owners can usually empathize and offer their experiences and training tips.

Want to join in on the fun? You’ll find the park on Country Road 47, just west of Dunkirk Lane. After arriving to the park’s newly paved parking lot, visitors transition to the off-leash area via a wetland boardwalk, which also serves as an effective buffer from the busy road that runs next to the park entrance. For those with smaller canine friends in tow, there is a fenced-in area for dogs under 20lbs; however, the little ones are also welcome to run with the pack in the main field. With the exception of an open shelter and a dog tunnel or two, the park is completely nature made – there’s walking paths worn through a mix of grasses (remember to bring your insect repellent) and a pond for cooling off from the summer sun. The pond may “close” during cooler months, but the park is always open, everyday, from dawn to dusk.

Dogs visiting the Plymouth Dog Park must be healthy, fully immunized, de-wormed, and wearing
ID tags. Licenses are not currently required. Although the park is a great place to socialize your dog, not all dogs are ready for the off-leash, free-play environment. Nervous and/or aggressive dogs are better off in a controlled environment. For a happy visit to the park, don’t forget a bottle of water, poop pickup bags, and a towel. For more information, visit the City of Plymouth Facilities & Reservations webpage.

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