Big Stars Light Up the Muppet Movies

The Muppets are back on the big screen Wednesday, November 23. Actor Jason Segel, who worked well with puppets in the comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” is responsible for giving the Muppets new life on the big screen.

Segel is also the Muppets’ costar in “The Muppets,” alongside Oscar nominee Amy Adams. Segel and Adams, however, are far from alone as the human stars of the movie. A number of big-name stars will join an already impressive list of big stars who have appeared with the Muppets at the movies.

Here’s a look back at some of the best big star cameos in the Muppets movies.

Steve Martin, The Insolent Waiter

1979’s “The Muppet Movie” brought Kermit and his friends to the big screen for the first time. With them came a number of big stars, including Richard Pryor as a balloon vendor, Mel Brooks as a mad scientist, and the brilliant Steve Martin as a character referred to in the credits as “The Insolent Waiter.”

Spoiler Alert: Big Star Cameo

“The Muppet Movie” was overflowing with big star cameos, but there was a real stunner saved for the very end. Late in his career the great Orson Welles struggled for money to fuel his passion projects and his massive appetites. So, when offered the chance to appear in “The Muppet Movie,” the director of arguably the greatest film ever made, “Citizen Kane,” leaped at the chance to play a movie mogul who gives the Muppets their big chance in Hollywood.

John Cleese of 17 Highbrow Street

1981’s “The Great Muppet Caper” found the Muppets playing down the number of big star cameos in favor of the the characters’ own star power. That said, the film still featured a couple of funny guest shots, including the brilliant John Cleese. The Monty Python star appeared in “Caper” as Neville, who along with his wife Dorcas (Joan Sanderson) lives comfortably at 17 Highbrow Street — until their home is invaded by Miss Piggy.

Hulk Hogan as Man in Black

Even after turning on his fans and becoming the most hated man in professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan couldn’t resist appearing in a Muppets movie. And so, Hogan appears in a cameo in “Muppets From Space” as himself as a member of an organization quite similar to the “Men in Black.”

From “Modern Family” to “The Hangover” to “The View”

For the newest Muppets movie adventure, the cameos are bigger and more frequent than ever. Among the big name guest stars set for “The Muppets” are two members of the cast of TV’s “Modern Family,” Rico Rodriguez and Eric Stonestreet; two members of “The Hangover” Wolfpack, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis; and, in her return to the big screen, Whoopi Goldberg, now of “The View.”

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