Bodyboarder Gets Attacked by Shark: Body Cut in Half

Australia is really no stranger to shark attacks and unfortunately a shark attack has taken place in Australia recently. This is probably one of the most serious attacks that have took place in the country.

A bodyboarder literally had his body cut in half due to a shark attacking him on August 4th 2011. Officials are not 100% sure what type of shark attacked the 21-year-old male, but they believe that it could very well be a great white shark responsible for the attack.

The attack took place on the western coastline of Australia and there were more than 20 surfers who were in the water at the time. None of the other surfers actually saw the attack but they were well aware of what had happen after the water turned red from out of nowhere.

An official said that the body was retrieved amongst some blood and the attack seemed so sudden.

When you are out in the waters, surfing or swimming, it is a good idea to be extremely careful and always aware of your surroundings. Sharks are unpredictable sometimes. You always hear stories about how sharks usually leave people alone but regardless of statistics, just always be on the look out for sharks when entering the ocean. A shark attack can happen at anytime and as you can tell by this article, the outcome of a shark attack can be quite deadly.

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