Book Review: The Omen Machine

Terry Goodkind brings back his most memorable characters as Richard and Kahlan fight evil darkness in his latest book “The Omen Machine”.

Richard is given prophecy after prophecy and they all seem to be coming true shortly after he receives them. But there is something strange about the prophecies he receives, they are only short phrases or single words, and those giving the prophecy saying they received it do not experience any visions as usually occurs with prophecy. Even the prophet Nathan says these prophecies are not really prophecies.

Of course everyone in the Daharan Empire seems to be obsessed with prophecy wanting to know that Richard and Kahlan are heeding the warnings prophecy gives. But with these seeming prophecies happening moments after the prophets deliver their so called prophecies, it appears to the other leaders, gathered at the palace for Cara and Captain Benjamin’s wedding, that Richard and Kahlan are not heeding the warnings given them. It is up to Richard to figure out what is going on with these omens he is receiving and things only get more confusing when he and Kahlan discover a machine that seems to think for itself and delivers these omens as well.

It soon becomes up to Richard to figure out what is going on with this Omen Machine and save the lives of the leaders and his dearly beloved wife Kahlan.

This book is filled with the best action and suspense that only Terry Goodkind can bring. Of course it also has a subtle hint of romance. Goodkind’s descriptions fill your head and you can see everything happening with the characters and throughout the story so clearly. You can see the sword swings and feel the lightening and effect of the Mother Confessor releasing her power.

“The Omen Machine” is a book that everyone will surely love. Be sure to check out the other books of Terry’s Sword of Truth Series starting with “Wizard’s First Rule” if you haven’t already read them.

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