Cinemapolis, Ithaca, NY: The Best Independent Theater in Town

Ithaca is a college town — both Ithaca College and Cornell University provide cultural and cosmopolitan flavors to this small upstate NY city. The non-profit, independent movie theater, Cinemapolis, rounds out the cultural events offered by the universities by showing foreign, artsy, indy and eclectic films.

If you want big-budget films, drive up the hill and get ‘malled.’ For those who prefer movies that make you think, the recently built Cinemapolis should be your goal. For movies that range from THE KING’S SPEECH to JUNO to FOOD AMILIE, the new theater, complete with comfy seats, is conveniently located just off the Ithaca Commons.

Tickets are slightly less expensive than larger theaters (general admission: $9.30; matinees: $8.00). I personally feel better about spending my movie money here — the cinema is, after all, non-profit.

The positives: great movies, better prices, new facilities, new seats. Healthier snacks for sale than most theaters.
The not-so-greats: the ticket booth is right at the front door. In the winter, you’re waiting outside to buy a ticket (though you are sheltered by the parking lot above!) Service at the concession counter is often s-l-o-w.

‘Cinemop’ is located at 120 East Green Street in downtown Ithaca. Find map, bus route info etc

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