Clean Bathroom; Fast, Easy and Unusual Tips

You visit your bathroom several times a day. Cleaning your bathroom may not be on your list of fun things to do, but it is a chore that pays off. Most of us spend a pretty good chunk of time here so it might as well be nice. I have pathetically spent way too much time researching and experimenting with different methods to clean but if you use these cleaning tips, perhaps my “over-researched” obsession can become “useful” information for you.

Open toilet lid, put your cleaner in and swoosh with a toilet brush. Leave this resting so the smell can fill the room. Don’t flush. Let the cleaner work while you clean the rest of the bathroom. This is a pro tip I have seen cleaning people use time and again. Give it another swish around before you flush.

Go to the mirror next. I use micro fiber towels. These can be used to clean with only water (eco-friendly- how green of you!) or with your favorite cleaner. Micro fiber towels are made with a dense nap that leaves little or no streaks. Sparkling!

Use that same cloth to wipe down your sink and faucets. If that chrome refuses to shine mamas gonna buy you a sheet of Bounce. That’s right. Polish with a dryer sheet and you will not believe the shine.
Take the dryer sheet and use it to scrub your tub. Put a little water and your cleaner on the tub and scrub with the dryer sheet. You will see that even grungy tub rings wipe clean easily and you can finish cleaning the faucet and handle with it too for a difference you will notice even if you usually don’t care.

Go back to your toilet, give it another swipe, wipe down the outside down to the floor with your towel, then flush the commode. Floors should be swept. Empty the garbage and then you can wash your hands and get a beverage. You’re done and the bathroom sparkles. Leave me a comment stating just how mundane my life must be to know about this. Possibly true, but my chrome heart shines.

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