Never Too Early for Valentine’s

The relationship game in an average urban scene has been flailing lately with break ups left, right and centre. The rate which people and specifically celebrities got divorced just last year was alarmingly high. It seemed the general idea of commitment as a relationship end-game was under threat and some if not many might be wondering if it’s a bug going around. The record that many relationships fall under the strain of the December/January holidays doesn’t help. So the upcoming romantic holiday of St. Valentine’s Day is bound to look stressful for most still in relationships especially when it comes to one’s bottom line.

After the expenses of the festivities and January blues, Valentine’s Day is such an unwelcome financial burden that nowadays people take the essence out of it; terming it as a soulless holiday meant to commercialise the manifestation of love. Further argument against observing the holiday includes the disdain a few have towards grand romantic gestures expressed during the day, claiming lovers should show each other the grand gestures any day of the year, not cram it into one day.

Well, that’s the cop out for everyone who doesn’t want to put in any effort in making the day special for their significant other. Even single romantics do not have a problem watching the shows put on on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes they do stuff for themselves which is not pathetic (note to all cynics) and proves that one can do the lovers’ day on a shoestring budget. So why not throw out the cynicism this year and do Valentine’s Day this year with more creativity than cost?

Most people believe being cute as an adult is immature but sometimes cuteness allows for romance to survive. Writing short notes for your significant about why you like/love them, what about them makes you happy, how their little actions affect you is always a good place to go no matter your personality. Being sporadic and spontaneous with the sentiments for the next month will get you further in regard than a grand expensive dinner on the 14th that you might eventually complain about since it was such a huge expense in the middle of the month as well as in the middle of the week. It will get you even further if you have no intentions of observing Valentine’s Day in physically expressive manner. In keeping with being more creative than costly, it can be a build up to a letter(s) if one finds themselves feeling more verbose.

Additionally, you can use your skills to do something special for your significant other. If you can cook, you can make them a meal; put together a picnic and go out to the park or even just in your house. Push back the furniture, create space on the bed and put out the spread. If you both like music, put together a mix of favourite songs. Mix tapes are still remembered for a reason.

If you’re unsure of your artistic capabilities, go for the time tested approach of flowers. Roses are fine and dandy and safe especially if your significant other (men can appreciate them too) likes them but they are not necessary. You can always pick out a different, personality-fitting type. They don’t have to be a bouquet either. Singles work just as well.

Accessories are also a good way to go. Find small items that suit a person’s personality from a wallet to a tie to a ring. They don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful.

Saving up early enough for Valentine’s Day will make the expenses of the day easier to handle. Starting now is not too early in the day.

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