New Food Trends

A report was recently put together by the Food Channel in conjunction with Culture Waves, the International Food Futurists and Mintel International which predicts future food trends. It provides insight into what is happening, influencing future food decisions and what’s driving consumer choices.

Expect to see more “Black Market Foods” which is a term used when eateries advertise a limited supply of an item in order to drive up sales. An example would be in Boston where the Silk Road BBQ serves their charcoaled-grilled meat “until they are gone.”

When it comes to social media there is a love hate relationship between consumers and restaurants. Restaurants love being able to contact so many potential customers but hate having a bad review be seen by so many people. It seems restaurants are fighting back by becoming more skilled at using technology. There does appear to be a bit of civility approaching on both sides.

Colleges are being forced to provide a more wide-ranging food experience for students. Many students seem to want their food choices to reflect their environmental concerns with such things as cage-free eggs, free range chickens etc.

There has been an increase in the new concept of “Agri-Chefs,” which are chefs who simply prefer to cook things they have grown themselves. It’s time-consuming, but chefs feel they can better control the outcome of the foods they prepare.

Peruvian cuisine is increasing in popularity. The annual Mistura Food Festival held in Lima, Peru has become one of the biggest events in the food world. It is attended by a half-million people and internationally-known chefs are always there.

An increase in the number of people showing off their culinary skills on YouTube is on the increase. This type of cooking entertainment runs the spectrum from young children to Italian grandmothers and shows no signs of slowing down.

The popularity of cooking outside is increasing. More restaurants are including an open area grill to cook their food. The purchases of grills as well as outside sinks and mini fridges are on the rise. Now that everything is being done outside people want to watch food being prepared. The entire cooking experience is now turning into a social event.


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