New Springfield Medical Regional Center Open Today

In October 2008, Springfield Ohio began construction for the new full service medical facility which opened today for the first time to the public at 6am this Sunday morning. Hospital staff and administrators transported more than 200 patents from the East High Street Hospital Campus to the new medical building, which is located on North street in Springfield.

Nurses and other staff members were given special roles as each patient was transported in two to three minute increments. Some medical staff stayed with patients the entire time during the transfer, while other medical staff were assigned to move patients from the ambulances to the new rooms in the medical building.

This effort was thoroughly organized over the past few weeks within the medical staff and emergency staff members.

The new hospital is host to many new features such as an expansive dining area that has large windows to overlook Buck Creek, and Anti-microbial paint and hardware coatings that will inhibit the growth of bacteria (yay for keeping our patients in a clean healthy setting). The hospital also has wireless capabilities and the 254 private rooms available are now 50% larger than before.

The new hospital facility in Springfield is a 475,000 square-foot medical facility which proudly holds the most advanced available technology. The windows in the facility are nine-foot in length which allows more natural light in from the outside, which is believed to help for a more positive healing experience. There is also a new three story department which is dedicated as the Women’s Health Pavilion.

There is an expanded Emergency Care Center in the new location and environmental control of each rooms lighting as well as temperature and nurse calls with a flat panel television that each patient can easily access from the hospital bed.

Every visitor now has access to around the clock visiting hours for the majority of the patient rooms. The East High Street medical facility is now closed with signs that are visible from the road to direct the public to the new location at Plum and North Streets in Springfield, Ohio.

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