New Year is Here

Christmas just around the corner and we really feel more love is in the air. Many feels the mix feelings of being happy and feeling lonely inside as well. Missing and longing for someone. We have a few wishes on our minds, we have so many things in mind. The air can feel so cold, and you will definitely see some who are alone and some who choose to be alone.

Christmas so special, it is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Kids are so excited to open up their gifts under the Christmas Tree,while other kids have nothing but still see a smile on their faces, because Christmas brings hope to everyone!

The Year is ending and we are all hoping for the best year to come. May we leave all our burden and pain to a year that was. We wish to find love,peace and happiness deep within our heart. Although it is never easily achieved, but the hope will always be there.

Crowded Malls, like there is no worries. Preparation is overwhelming everywhere. Christmas is perfect time bonding with friends and being with the family. Although there will always be someone we will missed, but deep within our hearts, we know how much we cared and we wish we could still show.
Forgiving may not come so easy but why not learn to forgive and forget and embrace the coming year with big smile.

New Year has started, we are hoping for the best, may our wishes come true, may life come easy and may the hardship just vanished away.

We know in our heart we will do better this year, we hope that our dreams will come true. But whatever this New Year brings us, we know we are prepared and ready for the next encounter. So let us all enjoy the first day of this year and make the coming days be wonderful,healthy and fulfilling for everyone!

Happy New Year and God Bless!

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