NFL Power Rankings Week One: Patriots, Saints or Steelers No. 1?

The NFL power rankings for week one are out and there are surprises for some but this year’s best teams will find an easy trail to the NFL Playoffs. The rankings are subjective of course but based on potential and strength of schedule.

32. Cincinnati Bengals
Even if Carson Palmer relents and comes back this team is in position to lose every game.
31. Seattle Seahawks
Pete Carroll plus NFL equals failure.
30. Jacksonville Jaguars
Transition year for the Jacksonville Jaguars.
29. Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton’s baptism by fire could lead to another first NFL Draft pick overall for the Panthers.
28. San Francisco 49ers
Two words: Alex Smith
27. Buffalo Bills
The Buffalo Bills secondary is still strong but their run defense is awful.
26. Miami Dolphins
Chad Henne doesn’t do anything for me.
25. Washington Redskins
This team has potential as the No. 32 by the end of the season.
24. Tennessee Titans
Matt Hasselbeck can only do so much.
23. Arizona Cardinals
Kevin Kolb will be an improvement for the offense but he cannot work miracles.
22. Denver Broncos
Kyle Orton is a key to this team moving up the ladder as the season moves forward.
21. Minnesota Vikings
Donovan McNabb is following the trend of going to Minnesota to end his career.
20. Kansas City Chiefs
Matt Cassel is no Tom Brady and he will prove it this year.
19. Cleveland Browns
The Browns have potential to make a run into the top 15 this season.
18. St. Louis Rams
Sam Bradford will improve this season but the Rams need to acquire some wide receivers.
17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
A solid secondary and a decent quarterback can only take this team so far in 2011.
16. New York Giants
Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks form a nice duo but can they win 10 games again?
15. Oakland Raiders
8-8 last season and a sweep of the AFC West impressed everyone but they will be static this season.
14. Chicago Bears
Jay Cutler will not overcome the scrutiny of Bears fans and he will degenerate this season.
13. Baltimore Ravens
Joe Flacco is no Drew Brees and this why the Ravens will not advance far.
12. Houston Texans
The Texans disappoint the media every season but this could be the year (See my predictions for 2008-2010).
11. Detroit Lions
Everyone loves the Detroit Lions defense but don’t forget about the offense and Matt Stafford.
10. Indianapolis Colts
Peyton Manning’s injury is a key to this team falling out of the NFL Playoffs this season.
9. Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo needs to step up and prove himself this season.
8. Atlanta Falcons
Matt Ryan has shown he can make the NFL Playoffs, now he has to win.
7. Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will suffer from the Super Bowl hangover but they will make the NFL Playoffs.
6. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Pittsburgh Steelers defense is aging and now it is time for the offense to take center stage.
5. Philadelphia Eagles
The Philadelphia Eagles dominated the off-season but now they must represent a team capable of winning 12-13 games.
4. San Diego Chargers
Another team that disappoints year in and year out but this year they have a defense and offense capable of dominating all season long.
3. New York Jets
The New York Jets still need a quarterback capable of throwing for 350 yards per game but Mark Sanchez can get this team to the AFC Championship game again.
2. New England Patriots
Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have flown under the radar this season and now he is ready to make his opponents pay.
1. New Orleans Saints
One year removed from a Super Bowl victory, the New Orleans Saints retooled and are ready to rattle off 12-14 wins this season.

NFL Schedule and information: ESPN, Yahoo Sports, NFL website

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