Our Neighbor Ms Knoll

Last winter (now we’re in June) a new neighbor moved in below us. A woman, an art painter, she’s nice to Mohy and me and we get to see her works now and then. Usually she gives us her strange tea, some kind of herb, actually it’s not too bad. She came alone, but since a month or two she has a boyfriend, Tom, also an artist, a sculptor. Since he’s around, she paints a lot about love. Her last painting is about a couple on another planet, they hug each other; I just wonder why one of the two lovers has such a grim smile on the face. Ms Knoll said that it’s ‘their way of smiling’ and then that she ‘doesn’t give too many explanations about her work’. ‘You may give your own interpretation’ is one of her most used sentences. I don’t know, maybe she doesn’t like to admit that sometimes she fails in her paintings. It’s a lot of noise now, since her boyfriend started sculpting in her apartment. Now and then they throw parties with their artist friends, too. All in all we have okay neighbors and nice things going on, but that abruptly ended at Tom’s birthday party last week… Mohy and I have no other choice than to step forward for him.

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