A Thanksgiving Wish

Where is our hearts when Thanksgiving comes?
Are we thinking of the big feast?
Are we thinking of family and friends?
This year will be different, cause this year there will be A Thanksgiving wish.

We wish for some much down thru our lives.
Thanksgiving is about family and getting together, or thats our Thanksgiving wish.
We decorate our homes to make it festive for our guests.
We pull down the fine china and stem ware.
Our table will be deck in the prettiest linens
The silver all polished, the glasses sparkle.
And the cornacopia is place on the side board, to set the mood.
And candles will be placed through out our homes with warm inviteing scents.

Everything so colorful, with it’s many varied tones.
The Thanksgiving wish for this year will be the same, as every year before.
That we can all get together to share the comaraderie.
That we can keep the peace for a few hours.

The ladies have cooked enough to feed an army.
The pies,cakes side dishes galore.
The turkey is all golden brown and cooked just right.
The stuffing and cranberry sauce plated so neatly.

The breads made with love and care.
In the hopes that Thanksgiving will be perfect this year.
The Thanksgiving wish for this year will be, that there will be enough to eat.
And that not one goes hungry.

But what we don’t see is those with no homes.
No where to gather where it’s safe and warm.
No family that loves them.
They look around and make, A Thanksgiving wish from there hearts.

That somewhere out there, their families are wondering if they are ok.
And that they are making A Thanksgiving wish too.
An their wish is that they are safe and warm, with food a plenty.

So if this Thanksgiving wish is in your heart, make it true and make it strong.
My Thanksgiving wish is for all to be with their families somewhere safe and warm, that they have food in their bellies.
And that they have someone to love them.
Thanksgiving wish please come true.

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