ADHD’s Character that Leads to Peer Rejection

ADHD children need to be understood when it comes to their character. Toddlers and children generally are normally impulsive and aggressive. However compared to children with ADHD, this aggression and impulsivity is just above range. In school, they usually are more engaged and get into trouble due to fighting their other classmates and interrupting impolitely to discussions. Their character is usually destructive and intense compared to other children their age.

Such characters include:

Yelling Running around even school is still going on Interrupting conversations impolitely Bossing around during playtime or games Involved in manhandling friends Always teasing other friends

Due to these characters, ADHD children usually end up having no friends and being rejected most of the time.

ADHD children do not do well in their academics. Due to their lack focus, they show poor performance in school activities. They find it difficult to follow instructions and this often leads to lack of interest to school homework’s and activities. Because of this, they choose to engage themselves in disrupting and annoying their other classmates. For this reason, they usually get rejected and often times no one wants to sit beside them.

Inattentiveness is common to children. However, for ADHD children, they usually go overboard with this attitude. They find it difficult to stay in one place and be attentive. They easily get bored compared to other children. For this reason, they become disruptive inside the classroom. During their playtime, they easily change their mind and choose to play other games at the middle of their present game. This usually causes their other friends to stop playing with them.

ADHD children also have obscurity in adjusting their conduct and altering their behavior as the circumstances needs it. They have noticeable social-cognitive problems that limit their capability and capacity to put in mind and remember the rules of social cues given. This usually brought them to a mess.

There are ADHD children that know that they lack ability in terms of socialization. Children who are restless or afraid about having friendly relations are improbably to behave in an efficient manner. These children remove themselves from peer relations and, because of this, it limits their capability to have acceptance and maintain friendship. Understanding is much needed for ADHD children, because they find it hard to learn social skills compared other children.

Save your ADHD child from peer rejection.

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