Affects of Autumn

Everything that surrounds us affects us in
what we are able to behold and grasp within our hearts.
How that one season so full of glory is able to capture
our attention and hold us in its embrace.

Oh that Autumn brings forth warmth in painting
the earth with an array of ever changing color.
Ever inviting us outside to enjoy the fragrance
of the crisp evening air.
That resonates within memories of our childhoods,
and playing in the mountains of leaves.
Even the stars shine bright in the brilliance of a clear
fall night, with rays of light dancing upon the clouds.
Leaving us in awe of this splendor.

As each dawn breaks forth into a new day,
we behold the changes that were spun in the night.
With each night drawing us closer and closer,
to the finale of our Autumn’s feast.
And the affects of autumn leaving us,
for winters solomon peace.

Photograph 1. An Autumn’s Path, photo by : Karin Keller
Photograph 2. Autumn’s Sunset, photo by : Karin Keller
Photograph 3. Golden Stream, photo by : Karin Keller
Photograph 4. Flying Leaves, photo by : Karin Keller
Photograph 5. A Run Through The Pumpkin Patch, photo by : Karin Keller

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