Album Review: the Love I’m in by Kate Reid

Kate Reid
The Love I’m In released by Kate Reid Music

Kate Reid’s vocals recalls of classic torch singers like Anita O’Day and Carmen McRae. Reid’s timbres have a bourbon tint, and the fluidity and elasticity of her vocal chords are tempered beautifully with her repertoire, which consists of tunes from the American songbook. Her self-released CD The Love I’m In is a collection of candlelit melodies all about love and heartache, and she makes these aged tunes seem like they were made for contemporary audiences.

Her familiarity with these songs is a dominant factor in making them attractive for listeners. She knows when to make poignant dips and ascents in her vocals, especially in “I Love You Porgy” where the base melody simply consists of gentle wisps of piano notes performed by Otmaro Ruiz. Her affection for this number elicits a purity in her vocals that woos the listener.

Her voice shines on several other tracks including the somber “I’m Through With Love’ and her perceptive scatting along “Nice & Easy” where she flies of her own accord. She flounces lightly along the perky grooves of “Something Good,” which people may have a preconceived idea from the movie “The Sound of Music” when it was sung by Julie Andrews and Charmian Carr, although Reid makes the tune her own tailored to her vocal proportions.

Torchlight music is Reid’s forte. She breathes new life into classic tunes such as “Portrait in Black and White” and “With Every Breath I Take,” both projecting a gloomy mood reminiscent of the French chanteuse Edith Piaf. Conversely, “Just Squeeze Me” and “The Lamp Is Low” puts a sprinting stride in Reid’s step.

Kate Reid’s musical experiences are wide reaching having exposed her to various situations and causing her vocals to adapt to new conditions. She was one of the four back-up vocalists for a recording produced by Quincy Jones in 1996 for the nationally televised Summit of the Americas broadcast. From 1998 to 2005, she spent her summers performing in Tokyo, Japan with various ensembles. She has sung on a number of recordings featured in films which have included “Land of the Lost” in 2009 and “Tooth Fairy” in 2010. Additionally, she sang on the soundtrack for the 2011 Cirque de Soleil show “Iris” with music by Danny Elfman, and for the “World of Warcraft” video games. Presently, Kate Reid is a member of the music faculty at Cypress College in Cypress, California as head of the jazz program and chairs the music department.

It’s been quite a journey for Reid whose previous album Sentimental Mood in 2008 adds to her credits. The Love I’m In is torchlight heaven that harks back to classic jazz while living in contemporary times.


Kate Reid – lead vocals, Otmaro Ruiz – piano, Ernie Watts – tenor saxophone, Steve Reid – trumpet, Chris Conner – bass, Steve Barnes – drums


Just Squeeze Me, The Lamp is Low, Where Do You Start, Nice &Easy, So In Love, I’m Through with Love, I Love You Porgy, Something Good, Portrait in Black and White, With Every Breath I Take, Close Enough for Love, Nobody Else But Me

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