Americas Next Top Model Old Stars..

Don’t get me wrong, I love older models, ones with a distinguished look and classic beauty. However I have followed America’s Next Top Model since the very first season, and I finally reached the age where I became too old myself to enter. I never would, but it’s like this sad wake-up call when you are told you are too old for the competition you wouldn’t ever try out for anyway. Sigh.

This was why I, along with thousands of other fans of the show, were all left scratching our heads, wondering why Tyra brought back her seasonal past contestant losers for this seasons cycle 17, which she has labeled as All Stars.

Now I love them, and I remembered just about all of them. Allison is my favorite, with her gorgeous eyes, and awkward disposition…but seriously, just about everyone else looks like they have aged. Kayla luckily was only last seasons goods, so she’s still got that young fresh face. An old favorite of mine was also Bre… I loved her neat 80’s puffed out fro, why they chopped it is beyond me. The first episode, you have some (has-been?) rapper telling Bre that her hair needs to be sleek? Yet she’s got on the ugliest synthetic blond wig I’d ever seen? Fashion advice from something that looks like it crawled out of an 80’s child’s make believe tea party?

What is even sadder, is that nearly every article I have come across online referencing this cycle of Americas Next Top Model, has been paired up with anti-wrinkle ad campaigns. What’s up with that? I am also confused about why out old time faves came back looking like they were rehearsing for Jersey Shore?

At any rate, we are 2 shows in, and the ratings keep on dropping. Likely this particular season is a farewell kick off to a great show that has gone on for many seasons. It only makes sense to bring back the diaper pisser, the tranny, the tragedy Anne doll, and so on. Our fan favorites… yet I have no idea how Alexandria managed to make a comeback? Most hated?

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