Andrew Dice Clay- Show Review- Uncensored, X-Rated Andrew Dice Clay, Las Vegas- Riviera Hotel

(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the live show.)

We were treated to Andrew Dice Clay’s video called “Dice World” before the show. This was a chance to see Andrew’s daughter, son and lady friend with a glimpse at his weird, wild world’s reality show. Then his son and another young comedian performed as opening acts.

The audience yelled and clapped for several minutes when Andrew Dice Clay entered the stage. Andrew is a man whose name is synonymous with X-rated humor.

Whether he discussed Tony Bennett, Engelbert Humperdinck, Thanksgiving turkey, Viagra, bachelor parties, or whatever the subject, the audience loved him. He has the ability to verbally grab the audience, hold their attention and make them laugh.

Andrew was in a great mood this evening easily involving the audience in his show.

The people liked being included so much they paid a higher price for the front rows called Dice Pits.

I became a show reviewer in the 80’s back when Andrew Dice Clay was one of the few shocking X-rated comedians.

In 1978, he auditioned at Pips, a local comedy club in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, doing comedic impressions, then headlined there the following week as “Andrew Clay.” His act at the time included an impression of John Travolta in Grease and Jerry Lewis as The Nutty Professor. Clay graduated to the major Manhattan comedy clubs, includingBudd Friedman’s The Improv, Catch a Rising Star and Dangerfield’s.

His move to Los Angeles came in 1980. He was “adopted” there by Mitzi Shore, owner of the famed Comedy Store. His work at the Store led to sitcom appearances on M*A*S*H and Diff’rent Strokes. He later landed roles in movies such as Making the Grade (1984) and Pretty in Pink (1986).

He had a regular role on Crime Story from 1986-1988. He eventually turned from acting to pursue a career in stand-up comedy, focusing on the character “Dice” from Making the Grade . His big break came in 1988 when he did a seven-minute set at Dangerfield’s during the Rodney Dangerfield special “Nothing Goes Right.”

Stand up comedian Andrew Dice Clay is not only doing stand up comedy, but he is playing a “heightened version” of himself in the TV series “Entourage”. Paying a recurrent role in this final season of “Entourage”, stand up comedian Andrew Dice Clay hopes that this part is going to be his launching ramp in the world of comedy.

The Riviera Hotel has an exciting line-up of celebrity and comedy shows.

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