Avoiding Food Cravings to Stay on Track of Your Diet

Oh, goodness, is there anything worse than a food craving when you’re trying to lose weight? I swear, more often than not that cheesecake thought follows you around all day long until you finally eat a whole damn cheesecake. If this sounds like something you’ve been through before (and cheesecake sounds really, really good right now), then these tips for controlling your food cravings just may help.

Avoid the food craving culprit at all costs. You crave what you eat, basically, so it’s like quitting smoking- you can’t sit around cigarette smoke, or just take a drag when you quit smoking, you have to stay away from the craving. So if you are craving cheesecake, you have to stay away from anything cheesecake related, because otherwise you’ll just want cheesecake more. Eat something else, and change the way your mind thinks about cravings. Eventually, your mind will be trained to crave something healthier, like carrots, if you eat other things when those cravings hit, and hopefully make those foods a healthier choice.

A cravings buster is water – drink 2 glasses of cold water and eat a handful of nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts, even pistachios) and whatever you’re really craving should fade within a short period of time. Studies have shown that when you drink 2 glasses of water and eat a handful of nuts, your food craving for something diet-busting (like chocolate or pizza) not only fades, but is satiated by making you lose your appetite overall. Yay!

How about not giving in to the food craving? You have control ultimately over what you put into your body, so when that craving for a brownie is so strong you feel like you’re drooling, all you have to do is say no. Even a cigarette craving (and nicotine is a serious addiction) only lasts 3 minutes at a time, so your craving will fade within a few moments. Plus, you have the satisfaction of not giving in to those calories that would ruin your diet, which is a huge confidence boost! Distract yourself for a few minutes if you can’t just ignore the craving by going through your phone messages, reading a book, or even simply getting up and washing your hands. The craving will fade.

Food cravings often creep up on you when you’re feeling tired. So instead of opening the fridge, take a 5 minute nap. Naps won’t ruin your diet and make you feel guilty. Or, have a glass of water. Often, fatigue is related to dehydration, and that food craving? It may just be thirst.

I’ve done this one a lot- when you have an insane food craving for something you just don’t need, like that 2nd helping of lasagna, just brush your teeth instead. When you brush your teeth, you mentally don’t want to screw up your healthy clean mouth with food, plus brushing your teeth (or using mouthwash) is usually a signal that the meal is over. Try it- it works.


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