Back to School? a Technology Guide

Many schools expect student to use electronic devices as they learn. Like it or not, technology is not going away. It’s important to choose the right computer or device for every level of school. So, here’s an electronic guide for the parents out there.

The first step is making sure everyone in your family is prepared for a year of learning-and fun-is choosing the right computer. Will it be a desk top, a laptop, and/or notebook or tablet? It is important to evaluate the situation to make the right choice. It is important to consider who will use it, and for what.


For elementary and middle school students, a desk top is often best. Laptops tend to be too delicate and fragile for little hands and fingers. You’ll get more speed and memory for less money and be able to upgrade easily as time goes on, and if you put it in a central room, you’ll be able to monitor online activity.


Younger-student considerations may also apply for high school students, but more teens are using laptops at school. Consider your child’s interests and coursework, how well they take care of things and maturity. If you’re not comfortable with a laptop, a tablet or notebook that easily syncs with a home desk top might be an option.


It is important to check with the college first. Some schools have specific guidelines for which type of computer students need. They will outline operating systems and software programs. Some will even offer computer deals, with software and advice as well. Bottom line, portability is an important factor for most college students. This means laptop. Consider a smaller screen size or pairing a laptop or desktop with a compatible tablet or notebook.

Finally, if money is an issue, keep in mind many colleges have many computer rooms with many of the labs open very late. Also, the local libraries in many towns and cities have computers available for school work. Finally, don’t feel a computer or laptop needs to be brand new. Many computer repair shops and eBay will have a gently used computer for significantly less than a new computer.

Have a great school year and enjoy whatever technology you decide to go with!

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