Battling Obesity: A Matter of Perseverance

Fighting obesity has become a priority in the lives of many people. The number of obese or overweight is increasing. Today, it is not uncommon to meet persons weighing 200 kg or more. Therefore, it is essential to follow precautuinary steps to elliminate the chance of becoming obese during childhood. A teenager who reached puberty having a weight over the normal limits is more likely to become obese later. He will have to fight against the balance throughout his life. Introducing healthy habits very early will avoid developing an obsession for weight control.

Fighting childhood obesity: change the habits!

To fight against obesity, do not submit little children to a strict diet, with the risk of harming their growth. We should not prohibit from getting used to a particular food, offer the child a variety of food to capture interest. In a balanced diet, every food has its place! If the child is not eating a lot, do not force him, it will only make the child feel frustrated over the fact that he has to dig in to a lot of food. Early identification accompanied by new behaviors concerning both the food and lifestyle, is often enough to overcome the problem before it installs itself. To fight against obesity, the involvement of the entire family is essential. Experts insist on the importance of family meal in the prevention of obesity, according to Earth’sbest. Education of the eating also starts at the family table.

The solutions to prevent weight gain are simple: eating structured and balanced, cheFwing slowly, taking into account the tastes of the child, but without giving in to all of his desires! Parents and grandparents must also learn to give up the “sweet reward” as a sign of love or comfort. And this, without feeling guilty!

Last little effort: physical activity, 20 or 25 minutes a day are devoted to moderate or strict physical activity. Three years before, and according to current recommendations, most of the children are expected to total at least 60 minutes of moderate or strict physical activity.

So it’s up to parents to intervene with feeding their children and to accustom them from an early age, to fruits and vegetables; and to give them a healthy lifestyle. Parents can go out on weekends with their children to cycle or walk a little and oblige them to leave their computer!

Combat against adult obesity

According to the Department of Health, the universal remedy against the risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity is physical activity! The practice of regular physical activity of moderate intensity, done at least three times a week will reduce obesity. And like any drug, the effects of physical activity will disappear in case of prolonged interruption of the “treatment”. There is evidence that regular physical activity generate both preventive and curative effects over most of the symptoms of polymetabolic syndrom such as high blood pressure, intra-abdominal obesity or dyslipidemia. Brisk walking or jogging when the body is not too heavy, not only mobilize a lot of muscle mass, but also ask the person to “wear” its own weight, which increases the intensity of exercise compared to cycling or swimming for example.

You must eat to have a healthy balanced diet, from Diet Cosmos. You should know that 90% of the cases of obesity are due to poor diet. Avoid greed and fatty foods. You must also eat fruits and vegetables. To do this, contact your doctor or a specialist in this field. One of the most effective and quick means to control obesity is to procure recipes and professional techniques. They are often pharmaceutical drugs based on natural substances with no danger. New herbal drugs against obesity took over after removing the older medications from the market: it is the fashion of phytotherapy.

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