Be a Singing Sensation at the City Sports Grille

The City Sports Grille, located inside the Yankee Lanes bowling center at 477 Park Avenue in Keene, New Hampshire, is a favorite hangout for residents of the city and surrounding towns. Twice a week, on Thursday and Saturday nights, it transforms into the most entertaining karaoke venue in the city.

The bar itself is a full service restaurant, serving a variety of foods. A particular signature item is their hand-cut French fries. Beverages of all kinds can be had for reasonable prices, including non-alcoholic ones like fountain soda.

The bar area has booths and tables aplenty. Seating is comfortable and parties are welcome. Guests arriving in larger groups sometimes push tables together without complaint from the management, who seem interested in the patrons having fun first and foremost.

The bar has several high definition big-screen televisions. At karaoke time these double as lyrics displays. A very large one is on the wall opposite the performing area. This shows the lyrics in nice large letters, allowing a singer to face their audience in a more engaging fashion while standing up instead of being hunched over a small screen on the stage.

There are many regular attendees, many of whom are great examples of local Keene character. Guests are very supportive of singers, giving encouragement and applauding all who are brave enough to take the microphone and belt out a tune.

Some of the regulars are also very talented singers in their own right. An evening spent at the City Sports Grille on a Saturday night can often be a fun and easy way to enjoy some outstanding performances by local talent.

The karaoke host is Captain Carl’s Karaoke and DJ Service, a Monadnock area service provider. He brings state of the art gear and over a hundred thousand songs digitally stored and ready for your enjoyment. Captain Carl keeps the music going consistently and makes sure everyone who wants a shot on stage has the chance.

If you want a fun place to show off your karaoke skills where the people are friendly, the food is great and the bar service is top notch, then head over to the City Sports Grille.

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