Best Dessert Trends of 2011

The year was filled with a variety of new foods. Magazines covers, TV shows and websites all featured new concoctions that were mouth-watering and offered great eye appeal. However, when it comes to desserts there were two that stuck out more than others. These desserts have been featured in magazines, served at the finest bakeries and restaurants and best of all have been easy for people to make at home. Cake pops and dessert shooters are by far the best dessert trends of 2011 and here’s why.

Cake Pops

Cake pops have wowed magazine readers and those shopping in bakeries because of their beauty and taste. A cake pop can be shaped into almost anything imaginable. From Disney princesses to Angry Birds characters, cake pops are a treat that people of all ages can enjoy. Of course, we all know that looks only go so far. While cake squished together with icing doesn’t sound enjoyable, it really is. Best of all, this is a technique that can be used to create a variety of flavors. Not only can you create an infinite combination of flavors with different flavors of cake and frosting, but you can also flavor the frosting or candy melts you use to decorate the outside with extracts. In other words, this is a dessert that has unlimited possibilities and can be used in every situation imaginable. Whether you need wedding favors or a bouquet for a sick friend, cake pops are an awesome choice.

Dessert Shooters

Another dessert trend that has taken the country by storm is dessert shooters. These small desserts are packed into shot glasses and are the perfect idea for restaurants or home buffets. The reason this dessert works so well is that many people are stuffed after a restaurant meal, but still want something sweet. These desserts are barely two spoonfuls, but satisfy your cravings. Best of all, this is another dessert that is easy to make at home and can be prepared in a thousand different ways. Whether you’re making small parfaits or ice cream sundaes, these two-ounce desserts are a huge hit.

While these trends may not last forever, they both offer easy methods that the average foodie could prepare at home. Best of all, they can both be found in thousands of different flavors, which make them a popular choice in restaurants and bakeries around the country. Be sure to grab a few before the next big dessert trend takes hold.

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