Best Scooters for Students

Scooters are a great way for students to get around. Whether commuting from off campus or zipping from dorm to class within the college grounds, scooters are a quick and fashionable way for students to get from point A to point B. They’re also inexpensive and environmentally much friendlier than a car. Though some degree of responsibility is required – drinking and driving for example on any vehicle that goes 40+ miles per hour is a pretty obviously bad idea, and Scooters don’t come with airbags – as long as a reasonable degree of common sense and caution is used scooters are also easy to drive and pretty safe.

Honda Metropolitan: This particular little scooter is close to my heart. It was my high school graduation gift and served me well all through college. It gets great gas mileage, going upwards of 100 miles on just one tank of gas. With a maximum speed of 40 mph it’s also a great beginner scooter, since it doesn’t go too fast for students to handle. The speed means it’s not highway friendly, but it works just fine for residential and campus areas. To top it off it costs under $2,000, which makes it appealing for parents and students alike. It’s easy to load up into a minivan to transport to where it needs to go as well, weighting only around 150 pounds.

Vespa: This is the classic scooter. In fact, the Honda Metropolitan looks like it was probably modeled after a Vespa. Depending on the model, there are a range of speeds, though generally it goes a little faster than the Honda (from 39-80 mph). It also gets great mileage, making it environmentally friendly, and there are a range of prices to meet any budget. Vespa scooters are definitely crowd pleasers, and for scooter lovers probably the first brand that comes to mind.

Yamaha: Yamaha is a sportier option. There are a variety of scooters in this brand as well, with a variety of prices and power. The Zuma 50f is particularly environmentally, getting 132 mpg. I haven’t seen as many of these out on the road, but Yamaha is a respected brand and has some name brand cache that a lesser known company might miss out on.

Aprilia: A lesser known brand, they nevertheless have a popular scooter option of their own. The Scarabeo comes in a three different colors and a couple different power options, so the option is there for either a gentler campus ride or a more powerful road-ready vehicle. While it’s a little more expensive than the Honda scooter (exact price depends on which model is selected), it’s a sleek option for someone wanting a road less traveled.

Labretta: This popular scooter brand has a few different options as well, so as with many of these other companies some personal tailoring is possible. The Uno50 is a good student option, being powerful enough to get around but not too much to handle as a first buy. The price is just over $2,000, making it a mid-price scooter and a good deal for young adults. For those who like to make a statement, one of the colors offered is a bubblegum pink, which will definitely stand out on any campus.

Whether a Honda, Vespa or any of the multitude of other scooter options, these two wheeled vehicles are great for students and adults alike. With space for groceries or a backpack in the seats, and with two seater models offered for carpooling options, scooters are more practical, cheaper and greener than cars. They’re a fun and fashionable alternative for any student who’s ready for them.

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