Clean Off Your Grill, Quick and Easy!

Your ability to clean your grill is only as good as the tools you have. You need a nice, abrasive cleaning tool, and the best cleaning solutions to clean your grill with. Who knew you already had everything you needed to tackle your grill with? Learn how you can make your own grill cleaning supplies, right down to the actual cleaning tools!

The best way to clean a grill is to make sure that you have a great abrasive tool. Look no further than the very tin foil that you used to grill with. A balled up wad of tin foil is an excellent abrasive for cleaning your grill with in getting off all that black, stuck on grime. It sure beats using your nice spatulas to scrape all that gunk off with. Simply use balled up tin foil the same way you would use a brillo pad, and you will have a super shiny grill in no time! My hubby does this because we don’t have a steel brush or anything.

For a great cleaning solution that won’t leave you wasting money and time, make your own cleaning solution for your grill super easy with items you already have! If you don’t want to have to scrub away all that grime, simply mix baking soda and water into a thick paste (like toothpaste) and rub it all over the grill. Allow the mixture to stay on overnight and just put the cover back on the grill. The next day, all you need to do is break out that tin foil and wipe away the grime and gunk!

My dad always just cooks out the grime into a crust so he can clean his grill super easy. He closes the grill cover and then cooks all that grime into a crust for about an hour. Then he just lets the grill cool and kicks the sides of the grill a few times, and all that grime and crust just flakes off! Then he covers the grill and forgets about it until next season.


how hubby and dad clean their grills

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