College Football: 5 Biggest Surprises of Week 1

Year after year fans nationwide go crazy for their favorite football team. From southern California, to the rocky mountains, to the sunny beaches of Florida, college football is huge. Every year there are story lines to follow, scandles to be ashamed of and upsets galore. Now that week 1 is officially over, lets take a look at the five biggest surprises that came with the opening of a new season.

1. The Aggies. No not the Aggies you might be thinking of, I am talking about the Utah State Aggies. For those of you fans that were lucky enough to witness what could have been one of the biggest upsets of the year, the Utah State – Auburn game was one to remember. Ever heard of David and Goliath? That’s nothing. In one corner we have the defending national champs. The king of the SEC. The bully. They are talented, they are fast, they are good. In the other corner,… the Aggies from Logan, Utah? I don’t think anyone, maybe not even USU had this type of game planned. Not only did Utah State have a chance to win, but by all rights should have. Good showing for the Aggies, not good for the Mighty Tigers.

2. The Aggies. Okay, we are done talking about Utah State, now its time for the A&M show. The past few weeks the rumor mill in Brian, Texas has been over worked, and it now appears official that the Aggies are saying goodbye to the Big 12. The story here has really nothing to do with Texas A&M, but with the conference realignment that will likely follow.

3. Oregon State. Oh the mighty Pac 12. You get a little team like Sacramento State to come to your house to play with the big boys and what happens? Ouch.

4. BYU. The week leading up to the BYU – Ole Miss game, every article I could find had the same message… the SEC will triumph. The idea that one team formally of the Mountain West Conference could not compete with the size and speed of the SEC has been proven wrong again, thanks to the state of Utah.

5. Wisconsin. This might not be a big surprise to some, but Wisconsin is good. Very good. They can run, they can pass and they can hit. I still might not be completely sold on the Badgers, but as of today I predict a meeting between them and the Sooners of Oklahoma before the season is over.

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